Elements are an example of the advantages and disadvantages present in the Fossil Fighters series. In Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions, Water is strong against
Frontier Elements
Fire, Fire is strong against Earth, Earth is strong against Air, Air is strong against Water, and Neutral has no advantages nor disadvantages. In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, the elemental system overall stays the same, with a few changes: Earth is now strong against Water, while Air is now strong against Earth. In Fossil Fighters, the Fossil Center worker by the gate within Knotwood Forest teaches the player about Elements. In Champions, Rupert explains the elemental system after winning against Todd. Curiously, the elements aren't explained in Frontier, although VR-00M will notify players if an elemental advantage or disadvantage is detected. The elements are the main elements of life, as said by Aristotle, although Aristotle's fifth element was a sort of holy element he called Aether. The closest element to Aether in Fossil Fighters would be equivalent to the Legendary element.

Fossil Fighters: Champions uses the same elemental strengths and weaknesses as Fossil Fighters, but Fossil Fighters: Frontier switches Earth and Air on the diagram.

Different Elements


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