Elemental Boost

Ability Effect:

Strengthen elemental effects


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Elemental Boost is an ability in Fossil Fighters: Champions that strengthens the effect elements have on attack damage. While a vivosaur with this ability is on the battlefield, all vivosaurs will deal double damage when attacking with an elemental advantage and half damage when attacking with a disadvantage.

Vivosaurs with Elemental Boost

# Image Vivosaur Element
013 Venator Medal FFC Venator Earth Earth Medal
037 Onyx Medal FFC Onyx Water Water Medal
046 Shuno Medal FFC Shuno Fire Fire Medal
089 Shoni Medal FFC Shoni Water Water Medal
132 Parium Medal FFC Parium Air Air Medal
133 Ceros Medal FFC Ceros Air Air Medal
141 Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth Fire Fire Medal
142 Dunkle Medal FFC Dunkle Earth Earth Medal