(ハッスル!) Hustle!
Tricera using Enflame in Champions

Move Effect:

Raise Attack +20
Lower Defense -5


50 FP (Fossil Fighters)
30 FP (Champions)


User or single Ally

Enflame (ハッスル! Hustle!) is a skill that raises the target's attack. It was introduced in Fossil Fighters.


Enflame raises the target Vivosaur's Attack by 20, but lowers its Defense by 5. If the Vivosaur's Defense is five or less, it will go to one rather than zero.

Super Enflame is an enhanced version of this skill.

Vivosaurs that can use Enflame

Fossil Fighters

# Image Vivosaur Element
009 Shanshan mini medal Shanshan Air Air Medal
011 Metria mini medal Metria Air Air Medal
025 Tro mini medal Tro Neutral Neutral Medal
029 V-Raptor mini medal V-Raptor Air Air Medal
046 Shuno mini medal Shuno Fire Fire Medal
073 Tricera mini medal Tricera Water Water Medal
075 Eino mini medal Einio Fire Fire Medal
091 Brontoth mini medal Brontoth Water Water Medal
092 Elasmoth mini medal Elasmoth Air Air Medal

Fossil Fighters: Champions

# Image Vivosaur Element
029 V-Raptor Medal FFC V-Raptor Air Air Medal
046 Shuno Medal FFC Shuno Fire Fire Medal
073 Tricera Medal FFC Tricera Water Water Medal
091 Brontoth Medal FFC Brontoth Water Water Medal
108 Lagia Medal FFC Lagia Fire Fire Medal


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