Enrage (怒り Rage) is a status effect. It decreases Accuracy, but also raises Attack. If the icon is golden, Accuracy is downsized even more. It is useful if your Vivosaurs have low Speed.

A regular Enrage lowers Accuracy by thirty, but raises Attack by ten. Super Enrage lowers Accuracy by thirty-five, and raises Attack by twenty. If the Vivosaur's Accuracy is lower than or equal to thirty or thirty-five, respectively, it will become one rather than zero.

Super Enrage Enrage

(Incomplete) List of Vivosaurs with Enrage Skills

  • Coatlus mini medal Coatlus
  • Dimorph Medal FFC Dimorph
  • Pachrino Medal FFC Pachrino
  • Ptera Medal FFC Ptera
  • Sungari Medal FFC Sungari
  • Mapo Medal FFC Mapo
  • Paraloph Medal FFC Paraloph
  • Goyo Medal FFC Goyo
  • Styraco Medal FFC Styraco
  • Centro Medal FFC Centro
  • Elasmo Medal FFC Elasmo
  • Tryma Medal FFC Tryma
  • Oloro Medal FFC Oloro
  • Peloro Medal FFC Peloro
  • Andrarch Medal FFC Andrarch
  • Berto Medal FFC Berto
  • Lambeo Medal FFC Lambeo
  • Machai Medal FFC Machai
  • Siamo Medal FFC Siamo

Super Evolvers with Enrage Skills

  • Buldor Medal FFC Buldor
  • Dimorph Ace Medal FFC Dimorph Ace
  • Kaishin Medal FFC Kaishin
  • Mapo King Medal FFC Mapo King

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