Excite is an Status Effect which prevents the Vivosaur from the AZ to swap out with a Vivosaur in the SZ, thus making it easier to sucessfully make damage with Poison. It is representated by a red-backgrounded beating heart icon in the affected vivosaur. In Fossil Fighters: Champions, any Vivosaur can be excited and will prevent rotation. In addition, gold excite may cause invouluntary rotation, while preventing them from switching back.

Vivosaurs with Excite

  • Dynal Medal FFC Dynal
  • Giganto Medal FFC Giganto
  • Allo Medal FFC Allo
  • Guhlith mini medal Guhlith
  • Acro Medal FFC Acro
  • Carchar Medal FFC Carchar
  • Neo Medal FFC Neo
  • Sucho Medal FFC Sucho
  • Onyx Medal FFC Onyx
  • Futabi Medal FFC Futabi
  • Siamo Medal FFC Siamo
  • Metria Medal FFC Metria
  • Cryo Medal FFC Cryo
  • Venator Medal FFC Venator
  • Penta Medal FFC Penta
  • Yango Medal FFC Yango
  • Megalo Medal FFC Megalo
  • Goyle Medal FFC Goyle
  • Pelto Medal FFC Pelto
  • Squirk Medal FFC Squirk
  • Teffla Medal FFC Teffla
  • Zanth Medal FFC Zanth


  • A silver version will have a lower sucess rate, while the gold version has a higher (and sometimes full) sucess rate.
  • Some Vivosaurs, like Yango can excite without dealing any damage.

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