Zongazonga 1

Zongazonga, the only Zombiesaur to possess this ability.

FP Absorb is a special ability that Vivosaurs are capable of utilizing during a Fossil Battle. It causes the Vivosaur to absorb three-tenths of the FP cost of the skill it was attacked with. This ability will apply to team skills that deal only status effects, but will not for Poison damage.

Vivosaurs with FP Absorb

  • Argento Medal FFC Argento
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus
  • Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro
  • Edapho Medal FFC Edapho
  • Zongazonga Medal FFC Zongazonga


  • Status-inflicting skills such as Toxic Ruin that do not deal damage will not trigger FP Absorb

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