Fearsome Roar

大ぜっきょうGiant Shriek

Fearsome Roar FFF

Ability Effect:

Inflicts status ailments, changes stance


Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Fearsome Roar (大ぜっきょう Giant Shriek) is an Ability that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It activates when the LP of the Vivosaur possessing it becomes low. When activated, it inflicts Dizzy or Confuse on every Vivosaur on both sides of the field except the Vivosaur using it and changes their stances randomly.

Vivosaurs with this Ability

# Image Vivosaur Element
001 Giganto Select Giganto Fire Fire Medal
008 Gorgo Select Gorgo Fire Fire Medal
013 Raja Select Raja Earth Earth Medal
039 Argento Select Argento Earth Earth Medal
044 Toba Select Toba Water Water Medal