FossilDig CEO
FossilDig CEO
Japanese: プレジデント President
Debut: Fossil Fighters: Champions
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Unknown
Species: Human
Relatives: Rupert (son)
Occupation: FossilDig CEO
Affiliation: FossilDig
Signature Vivosaur: None
The FossilDig CEO is a male character that only makes an appearance in Fossil Fighters: Champions. He later reveals himself to be Rupert's father.


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Early in the Caliosteo Cup, the FossilDig CEO asks Rupert to do a field test with Di66-R, a robot developed by FossilDig that excavates fossils and battles for Fighters. The robot malfunctions and steals some of Rupert's Dino Medals, which the Hero has to retrieve, but later proves helpful in removing a large boulder blocking the entrance to Mt. Krakanak. When the CEO calls to ask Rupert how the tests went, his son informs him that Fighters will probably have little interest in Di66-R's present functions, but that it shows promise as an emergency support robot. He asks Rupert if he is going to win the Cup before hanging up.

When he finds out that Rupert has been helping the Hero fight off the BareBones Brigade, he scolds him for it, saying that such a thing is below him and might damage FossilDig's reputation.

The CEO comes to withdraw Rupert from the Cup just before the final match starts. He has done some calculations and he predicts Rupert only has a 50% chance of winning. At the time, he says he can't allow his son to compete because if he loses, it will cause irreparable damage to FossilDig's image. Pauleen and the Hero show up as Rupert tries to convince his father that he enjoys battling and wants to fight the Hero even if he might lose. Seeing that his son won't give up, the CEO challenges him and the Hero to a battle, using his special FossilDig computer to take them on at the same time. After the two defeat him, he reveals that he really wanted to protect Rupert from the pain of losing, as he knew how much his son loved battling and how happy he was when he won. He allows Rupert to compete in the finals.

When the Hero suggests using the Fossil Cannon to reach Zongazonga's Castle and confront the evil sorcerer, who has stolen Rupert's body, the CEO helps them modify the Cannon to make their plan possible. He says that while he would like to say he's helping for the good of the world, he really wants to save his son.


Fighter Station - Cranial Isle: Just before the final match of the Caliosteo Cup begins, the FossilDig CEO comes to withdraw Rupert from the cup because of the high probability of him losing (which he fears would leave Rupert heartbroken). Rupert and the Hero resist him and he challenges the two to a battle, using a computer that allows him to control two Vivosaur teams at once.

FossilDig CEO VS Icon FFC
FossilDig CEO

Perso Medal FFC Ryden Medal FFC Seismo Medal FFC
BP Earned: 0

Earth Medal Perso

Perso Battle
Rank 2 Rank 7
LP 2 304
Attack 2 24
Defense 2 11
Accuracy 2 32
Evasion 2 7

Neutral Medal Ryden

Ryden Battle
Rank 2 Rank 8
LP 2 378 Positive Arrow 1
Attack 2 35 Positive Arrow 1
Defense 2 15 Positive Arrow 1
Accuracy 2 39 Positive Arrow 1
Evasion 2 8 Positive Arrow 1

Earth Medal Seismo

Seismo Battle
Rank 2 Rank 7
LP 2 284
Attack 2 16
Defense 2 10
Accuracy 2 32
Evasion 2 7

No Super Fossil

Golden Fossil

No Super Fossil



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