The Fossil Cannon is a cannon found in both games that can be unlocked when the Hero becomes a Level Four Fighter (Fossil Fighters) or advance to the second round of the Caliosteo Cup (Champions). The cannon is used to send Fossils to friends and trade. When the player fires the Fossil(s), it/they land(s) on the players' friend's Fossil Lawn and vice versa. If the player's Fossil Lawn has more than 20 Fossils, the oldest ones start disappearing. It is located on the far southeast section of the Park Area on a previously vacant hexagon shaped, upraised platform in Fossil Fighters. It is located on the far right side of Ribular Town in Fossil Fighters: Champions at the edge of the Fossil Lawn.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, the player actually use the Fossil Cannon as part of the story(he/she gets fired out of it).


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