Fossil Center
View of the Fossil Center from outside


Fighter Area (Vivosaur Island)


Fossil Fighters

The Fossil Center is a location present within Fossil Fighters.

This location is where Dr. Diggins resides within, and is also the location where the Hero takes his fossils to be cleaned. It is situated in the Fighter Area in between both the hotel and Fossil Stadium. This is the only place where he can get his fossils cleaned.


Most of the time spent in the game is spent here, because of all the times the Hero need to clean fossils or Jewel Rocks. There is a basement which is used during the invasion. Later in the game Dr. Diggins will make a device in the Warehouse so the Hero can go to the Starship to stop Dynal. He also makes a time machine but the Hero has to finish his task of finding the items for the time machine. 

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