For the article about the first installment of the Fossil Fighters series, see Fossil Fighters.

A Fossil Fighter is a person who can battle with Vivosaurs. The hero aims to become a master Fighter, as well as Rosie Richmond. Dr. Diggins is also a Fossil Fighter. To be a Fighter, one must have a Fighter's License. One can also participate in Level-Up Battles and rank oneself up to gain access to new dig sites.

Random Fossil Fighters occasionally pop up in dig sites to battle for Jewel Rocks or fossil rocks. When they do, normal fossil rocks have a fifty-percent chance of being red-boned.

You can also choose to battle Fossil Fighters that are standing around at dig sites, usually for more BP than those who pop out of the ground.

Fossil Fighters: Champions

A Fossil Fighter is still a person who can battle with Vivosaurs. The hero aims to be the best of the best as well as his or her 3 friends: Todd, Rupert and Pauleen. He/she has a series of battles in a large tournament called the Caliosteo Cup, which is the focal point of the storyline. After each round of the Cup, new dig sites are opened, and new Fighters can be encountered.

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