This is the Transcript of Fossil Fighters: Champions, where every bit of dialogue in the main story is stored. The Hero will be referred to as Dina


 A trio of white birds dart across the screen, flying off into the distance. Dina is standing on a mountain ledge overlooking a lush valley.

Todd: Hey, Dina! How long are you going to stand around and stare at the scenery, huh? Dina spins around and the camera flashes up to Todd. Quit stalling and get over here, Dina!

Dina runs to Todd 

Todd: People say wild vivosaurs live up at the top of this mountain.

Dino: ?

Todd: Come on! We just went over this! A "vivosaur" is a dinosaur that's been revived from fossils. Man, I never thought I'd see one with my very own eyes! Now come on! We're not leaving until we get some wild vivosaurs of our very own! Race you to the top!

Dina and Todd run to the top of the hill.

Todd: Glances around ...Hey! I don't see any vivosaurs anywhere! Somebody must have been lying to me!

The ground shakes. Dina and Todd spin to face the jungle behind them.

Todd: Wh-what was that?! What's going on?! Dina takes a step towards the foliage. I think there's something over there...

An Allo bursts out of the trees, roars, and charges at the humans, who stare in shock.

Todd: Th-that's an... Allosaurus! It's gonna eat us!

The duo run, only to find themselves trapped by a cliff. Dina puts herself in front of Todd as the Allo approaches.

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