Fossil Fighters: Frontier
FFF Cover Art NA


JP Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear
NA Fossil Fighters: Frontier


カセキホリダー ムゲンギア
Kaseki Horider Mugen Gear


JP Red Entertainment Corporation, ???
NA Red Entertainment Corporation, Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.


JP Nintendo
NA Nintendo


Nintendo 3DS

Release date(s)

JP February 27, 2014
NA March 20, 2015


Role-Playing Game




ESRB: E10+




Gameplay has been drastically changed from the first two installments, while in the overworld it seems identical to both previous games, movement in the digsites has been changed to accommodate larger areas, and new vivosaurs as well as Vivosaur design changes

Changes from Fossil Fighter & Fossil Fighter Champions:

  • The addition of the customizable Bone Buggy
  • Removal of Miraculous, Wonderous, and Curious fossils
  • Improvements to the Sonar mechanic
  • Change from single 3 v. 3 matches to a 3 person v. 3 enemy match
  • Removal of support effects
  • addition of support shots
  • Removal of fighters challenging the Hero for fossil rocks in dig sites
  • Vivosaurs appearing in dig sites
  • Paleo Pals (NPC partners)
  • Can revive vivosaurs with any fossil
  • Rare fossils now give you moves
  • the ability to travel between Asia, America, and Europe, each with multiple dig sites
  • Removal of the Legendary type
  • Difference in type advantages/disadvantages: The original typing was water > fire > earth > air > water; now it is water > fire > air > earth > water (earth and air were switched)

Differences from retail Japanese version

The version of Fossil Fighters: Frontier released worldwide is an expanded version of the original Japanese version. In Japan this version was known as Kaseki Horider: Zouryo Mugen Gear and could only be gotten digitally through a promotion in Corocoro. Differences include:

  • 10 extra vivosaurs were added to the game
  • Rogue vivosaur locations were changed
  • Certain fossil locations were changed
  • Certain vivosaurs that were originally found in multiple dig sites are now only found in one dig site
  • Due to some of the above changes, certain missions' hint texts are incorrect in this version of the game
  • The above was not fixed in the English version of the game

Please note that all information on this site, unless specified otherwise, is for the expanded version of the game.



  • Lucky references the Caliosteo Fossil Parks, because apparently The Flying Smile Kid (Sean) and Dino Gigante had a battle there.


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