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This is the Transcript of Fossil Fighters, where every bit of dialogue is stored. The Name of the PC for this play-through is Hunter. And his selected vivosaur is Nychus.


Captain: As we near our exciting destination, Vivosaur Island, please enjoy this informative video.

Video Narration: An image of Vivosaur Island appears onscreen. Vivosaur Island is an island resort run by the Richmond Foundation! An outside shot of the Fossil Stadium appears. The biggest attraction on Vivosaur Island is Fossil Stadium and the Fossil Battles that are fought there. A team of Allo, Tricera, and Ptera are seen in Fossil Stadium. Dinosaurs of the ancient past are revived with greater powers than ever and sent into battle! Facing the trio, a T-Rex breathes fire. The power! The savagery! Thrilling in every way, every time! A lineup of Saurhead, the Fossil Samurai, and a pair of normal Fossil Fighters pose for a photo. And for those who want to do more than just watch, training is available to become a Fossil Fighter! Fossil Fighters dig their own fossils, revive their own dinosaurs, and fight their own battles! If you've dreamed of rising through the Fighter ranks to become a Master Fighter, dream no longer! Yes, yes, YES! This is the start of an extravagantly exciting and fabulously fantastic adventure!

Captain: Ha ha. After that video, I'll bet you can hardly wait to get there. Wait, let me guess--you're on your way to the island to become a Fossil Fighter? Yeah, I've seen that twinkle in your eye before! But it says a lot about you, lad. It takes bravery to go all the to Vivosaur Island on your own. I'm Captain Travers. What's your name young man?

Enter Name. Chose Hunter.

Answer Yes to select name. Answer No to change name. Answered Yes.

You told your name to Captain Travers.

Capt. Travers: So, they call you Hunter, eh? That's a great name! I an easily picture a famous Fossil Fighter named Hunter. If you are out to become a Fossil Fighter, I imagine you're a big fan of dinosaurs, right? Which do you like better, carnivores (meat eaters) or herbivores (plant eaters)?

Choose either Carnivore or Herbivore. Chose Carnivore.

Capt. Travers: So do you like the big, strong carnivores/herbivores or the small, quick ones?

Choose Big or Small Herbivore/Carnivore Chose Small Carnivore

Capt. Travers: Between these two small carnivores, which do you like better? Deinonychus, the stealthy red shadow! Velociraptor, the silent grey hunter! Which one then, huh?

Choose one of offered dinos. All option-combos are: T-Rex and Tarbo, Tricera and Maia, Lexo and Hypsi, Nychus and V-Raptor. Chose Nychus.

Capt. Travers: Ah, so you're more of a deinonychus type, eh?

Answer Yes to select dinosaur. Answer No to restart process. Answered Yes.

Capt. Travers: I'll remember that. The deinonychus fan, Hunter. Ah! Looks like we're about to arrive at Vivosaur Island.

The speedboat ferry pulls up to a dock and the Player gets out. Depending on which dinosaur was chosen the Player will have one of eight appearances.

 The Player turns to face the boat.

Capt. Travers: So long for now, Hunter. I wish you the best of luck.

The boat pulls away and the Player turns to greet the two women approaching him.

Beth: Welcome to Vivosaur Island, where the dinosaurs of ages past lie asleep as fossils in the ground.

Sue: Yes, welcome!

Beth laughs.

Beth : This is Vivosaur Harbor , Vivosaur Island's only port. New people arrive every day. Some are just fans of dinosaurs, but some are new Fossil Fighters in the making!

Sue : We work here as support staff for the Fossil Fighters. 

Beth: To become a Fossil Fighter, you'll need to visit the Fossil Center and talk to Dr. Diggins . To get to the Fossil Center... Just go right up this path, straight ahead.

??????: Whew! So much to do. So much to do...

The Player becomes curious and he, along with Beth and Sue, turn towards an approaching green-haired, lab coat-wearing man who mutters absently.

??????: No, that's not it... Hmmm... No, that's not it either...  Hang on a tick...

The man stares off blankly, then jumps excitedly.

??????: I've got it!

The man moves excitedly, going right past Hunter, Beth, and Sue. He pauses by the dock and Beth approaches him.

Beth: Excuse me, Dr. Diggins...

Dr. Diggins turns to face her.

Beth: May I assume you're here to take our newest recruit to the Fossil Center?

Diggins glances between Beth and Hunter.

Dr. Diggins: What?! Oh, a new recruit? Of course! Always happy to show a new Fighter the ropes. Let me just... Change schedule... What were we just talking about? Never mind. I'll see you later. Whew. So much to do... So much to do...

Dr. Diggins wanders off and Beth turns back to Hunter.

Beth: *sigh* That was head of the Fossil Center, Dr. Diggins. Oh, and he'll be responsible for issuing your Fighter's License. Good luck with that...

Sue: Let's take a closer look at the Fossil Center, shall we?

Sue leads Hunter to the entrance of the Fossil Center.

Sue: This is the Fossil Center. I'm always on duty at the waterfront, so if you have any questions, come ask anytime. Please, go on inside.

Hunter enters the Fossil Center and approaches the reception desk.

Wendy: Welcome to the Fossil Center. Hi, I'm Wendy! I take it you're here to register to become a Fossil Fighter? Dr. Diggins returned just a while ago, but has unfortunately wandered off somewhere again. It could be a while before we find him. You might want to go over to the hotel and check in while you wait. The hotel... just to the right of the Fossil Center. See you in a while.

Hunter leaves the Fossil Center and pauses at the walkway intersection.

Peggy: Waaaaaaaaah! I can't stop!

Hunter turns, curious and gets hit by the speeding Peggy. After a moment, he stands upright.

Peggy: Oh! I'm so sorry! Are you ok? You're not hurt, are you? She becomes sheepish. I was running... to get in shape, you know? Anyway, I must have gone too fast, 'cause I couldn't slow down... I'm REALLY sorry. She gets an idea. Oh, I know! as an apology, I've got a good tip for you! If you hold the B Button as you move, you can run. Using the stylus, touch the screen farther away from yourself to run in that direction. Hope that helps. See ya! She turns and runs off. Huff... Huff... Huff... Huff...

Hunter continues to the hotel. He enters the lobby and a bespectacled man in a suit approaches him.

Hotel Manager: Welcome to the Relic Hotel, where we provide quality lodging for aspiring Fossil Fighters! We've been expecting you, Hunter. Right this way, please. He leads you to the elevator. This elevator will take you to your room. He leads you down a hallway, stopping at the last door. Here is your room, Hunter. Stand in front of the door and press the A Button to open it. The two of you enter the room. You must be tired from your long journey to Vivosaur Island. If you want to save, press START to open the Save/Options menu.You can save anywhere, not just in the hotel. I hope that helps. Have a nice day.

The Manager leaves and Hunter follows to back to the Fossil Center. The Manager speaks to him again when he enters the lobby.

Manager: Hunter. Before you depart, please allow me to explain Help Mode. If there is anything at all you do not understand, press SELECT to switch to Help Mode. In Help Mode. the game will pause and display a help message on the top screen. Press SELECT again to exit Help Mode. So with that, have a nice day.

Hunter returns to the Fossil Center.

Wendy: Welcome to the Fossil Center. Hunter approaches her desk. Oh, you were just here. Sorry to Keep you waiting. Dr. Diggins has returned fortunately. You should probably talk to him before he wanders off again... Dr. Diggins is in the back room. Camera pans to the cleaning room door. Please enter through the door on your right. Get close and press the A Button to talk. Or get close and tap on a person with the stylus to talk to them. Good then. Head on into the back room.

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