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Fossil Fighters Wikia is a collaborative website that anyone can edit!

With a new game in the works we are going to be busy updating the wiki with new pictures of dinos and epic battles. Please contribute and help this wiki grow! Happy fossil hunting!

To find tough opponents, click here.

Please note, all Vivosaur page names were changed to add "(DS)" at the end of the page name. However, this does not imply that Vivosaur is confirmed or suspected of having a Frontier counterpart.

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  • 731 articles since August 29th, 2009
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  • DinonerdDC

    Ok. We need one of these. If any Admins/Chat Mods want to change this blog, do so please.

    1. Listen to the Admins/Chat Mods. If they have a star next to their name, then they have Chat Moderator priv…

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  • AlphaZelda

    I just thought I'd make a guide to proper wiki editing. You can ignore this, add to it, or subtract from it as you please. Just make sure you make a comment about it.

    1.) Always bold the title of the…

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  • TDD25

    Wiki Projects

    February 12, 2013 by TDD25

    So, we are starting Wiki Projects in order to bump up activity and improve the Wiki!

    Head: TDD25

    • Start Character Profiles for the Manga characters and the game's Manga counterparts.
    • Start comprehensive…

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  • TDD25

    Admin Activities

    September 22, 2012 by TDD25

    Okay, so here the Admins will post their special contributions (Not regular wiki edits) and if anyone has objections, they may reverse or change edits if given a legitimate reason. Not "i hate u cuz…

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