Fossil Park Main Office
Fossil Park Main Office
Inside the Fossil Park Main Office


Ribular Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

The Fossil Park Main Office is a building located in Ribular Town in Fossil Fighters: Champions. The building serves no purpose in the story line or in any sidequests, so it can be considered strange as to why it was added. It is run by a Staff member, and it is also where you find the NPC Nathan to the left. There is a vase of Anomalo fossils in the right. 

Fossil Park Main Office Staff Quotes

"Hey! This building is for the park staff! Oh, sorry. Did that sound mean? I was just trying to tell you that staff hangs out here in their off-hours."

"We have additional staff in the back! They are prepared to deal with any situation! Dang it, why am I always yelling at people? I have to stop that."

"Hey! You! We spend our free time in this building, you know?! ...Dah! I did it AGAIN! OK, next time you come here, I'll be nice. I promise."

"Hey! You! What do you know about the Jungle Labyrinth incident, huh? Come on! Spill it! ...Uh-oh. I'm yelling again. I wasn't blaming you. Really."

"Some Jerk stole the Mammoth Vision! Oooo, it makes me so MAD! Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Sixfiveforthreetwoone! ...Sorry. I'm supposed to count to ten when I'm angry, but I get impatient."

"The BareBones Brigade will pay for what they've done! They'll pay and pay and pay! REVEEEENGE!"

"Hey! You! The final is here! ...Oh, hey. You're in the final, right? I guess I don't have to scream it at you, then."

"Stop! Stop Right there! This Cup has been exhausting! ...What? Just making chitchat is all."

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