Fred is an NPC in Fossil Fighters that can be found in the Park Area. He wears a yellow hat, blue shirts, and a purple shirt with white flowers. 


"Hey there, sport! You came to Vivosaur Island to become a Fighter too, huh? All the new young folks around here are really bringing this place to life! So much energy! Wooo! This here is the Park Area. You'll find out more about it soon enough. In the meantime, keep your eyes on the prize--Master Fighter status! You can DO it!"

"There was this girl at the museum, yes? And she wanted to see...a vivosaur, yes. I can't remember its name, no. Hmmmm, I... I can't, no. Can't. You know what, though? I will go to the museum and check for myself, I will! Yes, I will!" 

"There's a sunken pirate ship in Bottomsup Bay, yes! With treasure! Treasure, I say! Well, that's what  heard anyway. And one of the trasures? It will greatly help one's battling, yes. The other treasure is a fine, fancy treasure. Sparkly and shiny, it is. But whoever heard of a pirate ship with only two treasures? Two treasures, yes, two!"

"There are such things as dropping fossils, yes! Did you know that? Hmm? Did you? I would love to see one, yes. I would polish it and write a song about it--Dropping fossils, yay-hay!"

"Have you ever met the Mole Brothers in Rivet Ravine? Hm? You should find them, yes. Go to Rivet Ravine, yes, and find them! Why go to Rivet Ravine? Because the Mole Brothers are there! No, no, no--shhh! Don't say that's not a good enough reason, no. Shhh. Just be sure that your sonar is up to the task if you go looking, yes? We are done here--good-bye."

"Such a short time ago, yes, you were only just a rookie! But know? Now you're a Master! A Master, yes! The things I must do now, see? One, I must be suprised. Two, I must congratulate you. The thrid thing I must do is sing a song for you. A lovely song. I shall sing it now. Oh, he's a Master Fighter, brother! He fights more masterly than others! Other Fighters run to their mothers!"

"Are you using the Fossil Cannon? Hmmmm? Are you? Wireless play? Hmm? Fred always says, "If you have it, USE it." And you have a Fossil Cannon. A Fossil Cannon, yes!"

"Ohhh, I thank you, I do. You saved our Vivosaur Island! Yes, yes, YES! A hero! A hero, you are! Congratuthanktions!"

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