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#105/163: Frigi
Frigi FFC

Proper Name:



101 ft. - 30,8 m. (Titanic)


Frigid breezes, cold winds


Legend Medal


Long-Range (Fossil Fighters)
Long-Range (Champions)



Frigi is a Legendary-Element Vivosaur that was introduced in Fossil Fighters. It returned in Fossil Fighters: Champions with a new appearance and updated stats.

Vivosaur Information

# 105/163 Legend Medal Frigi


Fossil Fighters

One of the legendary dinosaurs, all of Frigi's skills rank among the best and will freeze any enemy solid!

Fossil Fighters Champions

As one of the legendary dinosaurs, all of Frigi's ice-cold skills are very powerful.

Fossil Museum/Fossilary:

It's unclear how such a powerful creature could ever have been fossilized. Maybe it wasn't?

To Obtain:

Fossil Fighters Defeat BB Bandit Trio (after storyline)

Fossil Fighters Champions Bonus Data (Download)


Fossil Fighters Long-Range

Fossil Fighters Champions Long-Range

Notable Owners: Bullwort

Stats and Skills (Max Rank)


LP 1 600
Attack 1 99
Defense 1 45
Accuracy 1 30
Evasion 1 5

Skills Skill 1 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Subzero Stomp 129 110
Absolute Zero 159 220
Ice Age 168 300 Special: Attack both AZ and SZ
Frozen Armor --- 50 Raise Defense Success rate: 100%

Support Effects 1 Own AZ

Attack 1 Negative Arrow 1 50%
Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 50%
Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 50%
Evasion 1 Negative Arrow 1 50%


LP 2 600 Positive Arrow 1 100
Attack 2 88 Positive Arrow 1 5
Defense 2 30 Positive Arrow 1 5
Accuracy 2 35 Positive Arrow 1 5
Evasion 2 6 Positive Arrow 1 5

Skills Skill 2 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Subzero Stomp 123 150
Absolute Zero 160 330
Ice Age 157 530 Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously
Frozen Armor --- 15 Raise Defense Harden
Solo Power Powers up if no allies remain.

Support Effects 2 Own AZ

S Attack 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%
S Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%
S Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%
S Evasion 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%


Frigi (otherwise known as Frigisaurus, which is a pun on the word "Frigid") is one of the legendary attribute vivosaurs in the game, it is the rival of Igno. It is first mentioned when Captain Bullwort defeats the player with its extraordinary powers in a fossil battle. When the player and Rosie go to the Digadig Chieftain to explain how to defeat it, he then mentions the player must go to Mt. Lavaflow and find the Igno fossil. When the player does this, he uses Igno in a rematch against Frigi and two of Bullwort's regular vivosaurs. When the player defeats Bullwort, the two dino medals for Frigi and Igno fade because Ignosaurus can't exist without Frigisaurus.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, Frigi is a downloadable Vivosaur that can be obtained by Bonus Data. Since you obtain it without the need for revival, it starts at Rank 1. However, being able to use it almost immediately after beating the first cup round is extremely helpful, if you can handle the high-FP cost of its skills. Other than being an extremely powerful Vivosaur obtainable early on, it has no other significance in the storyline.


  • Although it's implied that Frigi is an Apatosaurus, its design resembles a Salto; that said, it's possibly based on, or actually is a Glacialisaurus.
    • Frigi looks similar to a Salto in Fossil Fighters, but in FFC, its appearance is closer to than of an Argento.
  • Also, while Frigi was revived from the ocean, it's a legendary type insted of water. In the Fossil Fighters game guide, Frigi's Backround isn't neutral, but water.
  • Frigi's Attack (in Fossil Fighters) is the highest, 99, which it shares with T-Rex, Igno, Dynal, and Guhvorn, despite the aforementioned Vivosaurs being Attack Class, while Frigi is a Long-Range Class Vivosaur. Conversely, its Evasion is the lowest of all Vivosaurs, tied with Guhlith at 5.
  • At 101 feet, Frigi is the third largest Vivosaur, behind Perso, who in turn is behind Seismo, the largest at 114 feet (in Fossil Fighters). However, Frigi's 3D model is considerably larger than the rest.
  • Frigi gives the harshest handicap of all Long-Range class Vivosaurs, dropping all AZ stats by 50% (in Fossil Fighters.) This is reduced to 10% in Fossil Fighters: Champions, to go along with the change in battle mechanics.
    • To go along with the less-hampering Support effects was an increase in Frigi's Speed stat, although these came at the price of a drop in Attack, Defense, and Accuracy
  • When fighting Frigi for the first time in Fossil Fighters, it is impossible to defeat it. Normal Vivosaur attacks will only cause one or two LP damage, leaving Frigi's Auto LP Recovery to restore the damage. However, using a combination of Quicken and Counter Blow (as shown using Ourano and U-Raptor [citation needed], can bring it down to 1 LP. Despite this, Frigi's LP will not drop any further than this. It is also unable to be inflicted with Status Effects, although the Auto Counter ability can harm it.
  • In FFC, when you use Frozen Armor, it brings defense up more than any other regular harden. [citation needed]
  • Frigi is the only sauropod with a with a Skill that attacks both the AZ and SZ without requiring Compatible Vivosaurs
  • Frigi is one of the only Vivosaurs without a team skill (the others are Igno, Cerato, and Carno).
  • Frigi is the opposite elemental rival of igno.


Zongazonga L arrow Frigi R arrow Igno

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