T-Rex Sue


Fire Medal Fire






Mesozoic Cretaceous


13 ft./13 m.



Discovered (Real World):


Discovered (Park):


T-Rex Sue (僕はかわいい Tyrano*Sue) is one of three vivosaurs based off of Tyrannosaurus Rex in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. The other two are T-Rex Stan and Tyrannosaurus. This one in particular is based off of the Sue specimen and is based off of the T-Rex in the DS games.


Vivosaur Description: The tyrant king (or in this case, queen?) of vivosaurs. It has great skills for downward-facing foes, such as Royal Crush—which can end a fight in one fell swoop.

Dinosaur Description: Arguably the most well-known dinosaur, and certainly the most vicious from America. Even the thickest bone was no match for it's powerful jaws.

Location Table

Location Head Body Arms Legs
Normal Goldrush Canyon A4 B5 B6 J8
Rare Starry Falls: Orinoco Path 1,2 3 4 5

For normal fossils, those are coordinates on the bottom screen to find the fossil easier. For rare fossils, those are the radar levels you need equipped to find the fossil at the end of a route. Please note that occasionally a rare fossil is found in a dig site and not a challenge route. In this case, coordinates are provided instead.


Attribute Value
Ability Ally Stats Down
Good Stance
Bad Stances Own-Up
LP 173
Attack 96
Defense 94
Speed 57
Critical 30


SKILLS Head(N) Head(R) Body(N) Body(R) Arms(N) Arms(R) Legs(N) Legs(R) Boost
Name Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder
FP 55 44 33 22 124 526 443 245 666
Boost 2 1 0 3 2 2 1 3 NA
Power 44 34 32 19 NA 49 45 34 45
Acc. 90 90 120 100 190 120 120 90 80
Resultant Stance Own-UpFoe-Down Own-RearFoe-Up Own-FrontFoe-Front Own-DownFoe-Rear Own-UpFoe-Down Own-RearFoe-Rear Own-FrontFoe-Unknown Own-DownFoe-Down Own-UpFoe-Up
Strong Stance Foe-Up Foe-Up Foe-Down Foe-RearFoe-Up Foe-Down Foe-Rear Foe-Front Foe-Down
Weak Stance Foe-Down Foe-Rear Foe-Up Foe-Front Foe-Rear Foe-Front
Ailment Conf. None none None Scare Distracted WOOT! YEAH! Yay
Counter O O O X O X X O X
Spread X O X X X O X O X
Flying O O X O X O X X X
Misc. Always ails FP Absorp.


  • It's named Sue because the specimen it's based off of named Sue. This means it's a GIRL so stop calling it a GUY or I will like totally call your mom for being mean.
  • T-Rex used to be the most overused vivosaur online. That title has now gone to Nibbles, despite not being very good.
  • Not sure if you could tell but T-Rex Sue is a fire type! That's why it's red!
  • Not sure if you could tell but its design is different from the one in the DS games, like almost every other vivosaur. CHANGE SUCKS SO THIS GAME IS A -400/10!
  • If anything here actually ends up on the real T-Rex Sue page I will point and laugh at you.


Wait do we even have any of those?

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