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#086: Futabi
Futabi en


Water Medal Water






Mesozoic Cretaceous


23 ft. - 7 m. (Medium)


Piscivore (Fossil Fighters)
Carnivore (Champions)




Long-Range (Fossil Fighters)
Mid-Range (Champions)

Futabi (Japanese: フタスズ Futasuzu) is a Water-Element Vivosaur that was introduced in Fossil Fighters. It Super Evolves into Momo.

Vivosaur Information

# 086 Water Medal Futabi


Fossil Fighters

Futabi develops excite skills as its core arsenal and reaches its full potential when teamed with F-Raptor and Mihu.

Fossil Fighters Champions

Futabi develops excite skills as its core arsenal and reaches its full potential when teamed with specific vivosaurs.


This was the first long-necked dinosaur discovered in Japan.

Notable Owners: Samurai

Game locations

Game Location
Fossil Fighters Bottomsup Bay
Fossil Fighters: Champions Icegrip Plateau

Stats and Skills (Max Rank)


LP 1 440
Attack 1 54
Defense 1 25
Accuracy 1 45
Evasion 1 23

Skills Skill 1 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Broadside 64 40
Winding Snap 82 100 Excite
Success rate: 30%
Steer the Storm 110 200 Excite
Success rate: 50%
Power Scale --- 50 Equalize FP
Success rate: 100%
Tidal Assault 154 400 Team Skill: Attack both AZ and SZ

Support Effects 1 Enemy AZ

Attack 1 0%
Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 25%
Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 25%
Evasion 1 0%


LP 2 440
Attack 2 54
Defense 2 25
Accuracy 2 45
Evasion 2 23

Skills Skill 2 Attack Power 2 Damage FP 2 Cost Effect
Broadside 64 40
Winding Snap 82 100 Excite: 30% Excite
Steer the Storm 110 200 Excite: 50% Excite
Power Scale --- 50 Equalize FP
Tidal Assault 154 400 Attack AZ and SZ simultaneously

Support Effects 2 Enemy AZ

S Attack 1 0%
S Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 35%
S Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 35%
S Evasion 1 0%

Super Revival forms

Silver Head Fossil Silver Body Fossil Silver Arm Fossil Silver Leg Fossil Gold Fossil
Futabi-Head Futabi-Body Futabi-Arms Futabi-Legs Momo Revive

Silver Head Fossil

Silver Body Fossil

Silver Arms Fossil

Silver Legs Fossil

Golden Fossil

Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus Super Fossil Bonus
Super Life Points 460 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 460 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 460 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 460 Positive Arrow 1 20 Super Life Points 360 Positive Arrow 1 100
Super Attack 59 Positive Arrow 1 5 Super Attack 54 Super Attack 64 Positive Arrow 1 10 Super Attack 54 Super Attack 61 Positive Arrow 1 5
Super Defense 25 Super Defense 35 Positive Arrow 1 10 Super Defense 25 Super Defense 30 Positive Arrow 1 5 Super Defense 12 Positive Arrow 1 5
Super Accuracy 50 Positive Arrow 1 5 Super Accuracy 45 Super Accuracy 45 Super Accuracy 45

Super Accuracy 52 Positive Arrow 1 5

Super Evasion 23

Super Evasion 23

Super Evasion 23

Super Evasion 28 Positive Arrow 1 5

Super Evasion 25 Positive Arrow 1 5



  • Futabi's appearance is based on a Japanese koi, specifically the popular Kinginrin koi.
  • Most of Futabi's skills are references to seafaring.
  • Futabi is the only member of the original Japanese Vivosaur trio who did not make an appearance in Fossil Fighters: Frontier.

Krona L arrow Futabi R arrow Elasmo (Kaishin)

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