Goldrush Canyon


Fossil Park America


Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Goldrush Canyon (ワイルド西部 Wild Western) is a Dig Site in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. The entire area is mostly accessible via the road that runs throughout the entire site. The area features 4 Challenge Routes of moderate difficulty and 7 Buggy Stations throughout the site. Found in Fossil Park America it is the second dig site to be unlocked in the game and the first to be unlocked in America. You are permitted access to the area after completing the final part Wardens test, The Warden Cup.

Story Significance

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The Hero first travels here under the Orders of Sean, the leader of Fossil Park America, who tells you to go in just to get a new feel of the area and discover some new fossils, unique to the Americas while you're at it. Upon entering the area, the player receives a message from Sean that the road may be covered in large Boulders. He informs that there is nothing to be concerned about, just ramming into them a few times will cause them to shatter into pieces, clearing the way for passage.

Upon returning to the fossil park, the hero will be called to meet with Sean, and Leon is called down as well. the two are told to escort a "little guy" around the dig site. Leon, refusing to work with others, storms off, proclaiming himself a lone wolf.

Finding him at the Fossil Stadium, where Leon challenges the Player's Pet vivosaur to fight, until they meet Lucky, who reveals his father insists that he must be protected and needs escorts so he does not get kidnapped.

Returning to Goldrush Canyon, the player is called up by Sean who tells that Lucky needs escorts because He's a Psychic. The Hero then encounters an already defeated Leon at the hands of Thugs attempting to kidnap Lucky. In order to protect Lucky, The Protagonist and leon attack 2 of the thugs, who are both using Goyles. Upon defeating them, they reveal those were just practice vivosuars and run away with Lucky. The Hero and Leon then return to the main park to repairs his buggy.

Returning to the Dig Site one more time, this time with the actual help of Leon, the two find Lucky being forced to excavate a Fossil a top of Mt. Dinomore. This time challenging all 3 thugs, all using Beckles, they rescue Lucky and return to the Park.

Later on in the story, the Hero returns to Goldrush Canyon with Becky to find some sort of fossil that might make the Flying Smile Kid come out of hiding and fight Dino Gigante, who refuses to accept the Hero's Challenge for the Cosmonium located within the Champions Belt claiming that the player isn't strong enough.

Behind the back of Sean, Becky guides the hero to Cavern pool, simply saying "It should be here". The player then discovers an unknown fossil that upon excavation, appears to be a mask, which is revealed to be the mask of the Flying Smile Kid. If the player character is Male, Becky may express some strange dialogue towards the character that is not said to the female protagonist, after excavating the mask.


  • Boneland Way
  • Marrowite Trail
  • Giants gorge
  • Ilium Valley Road
  • Mt. Dinomore
  • Cavern Pool
  • Dinodome Path

Challenge Routes

  • Boneland Way: 2 stars
  • Marrowite Trail: 3 Stars
  • Ilium Valley Road: 1 Star
  • Dinodome Path: 4 Stars

Rogue Vivosaurs

  • Peltas Rank:6
  • T-Rex Sue Rank:15
  • Dilopho US Rank:6
  • U-Rapter Rank: 12
  • Pachy Rank:6
  • Titano AR Rank:12
  • Thalasso Rank:12
  • Ptera Rank:12
  • Brachio Rank:12



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