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Guhnash Shot

Guhnash - Full Body Shot

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Guhnash is a planet-eating monster. Every part of this monstrosity's body is a weapon, including its 3 brains: Guhlith, Guhvorn, and Guhweep. Guhnash is responsible for the disappearance and destruction of many planets, not the least of which was the home planet of the Dinaurians.


The beast is mentioned several times throughout the storyline by the Dinaurians but the creature is not fully revealed and described until the very end and the final battle. When Raptin reactivated the main idolcomp, it finishes sending the coordinates of Earth to Guhnash, not knowing how to destroy the strange life we evolved from in any other way. Different plans were discussed about how to save as many people as possible, but all were considered futile, even the suggestion of destroying the monster. However, Dr. Diggins suggest that such an idea is not so far-fetched, saying that he was able to study the samples on the crashed starship and determine that Guhnash could not survive without its three brains. The hero must then chose someone to accompany him on the transportation devise, which has been programmed with the coordinates of Guhnash's mouth, which is where his brains are. The hero must either chose Duna or Rosie, and depending on who you chose determines the outcome of the final scenes of the storyline. When you are transported into the monster's mouth, you must quickly battle it's three brains. Once the battle is won and the brains defeated, with nothing to regulate his energy, Guhnash explodes. The uncontrolled energy interferes with the Dinaurians' teleportation device, so the player and Rosie/Duna hold hands and use the stone-sleep device to turn into stone before Guhnash explodes. However the incredible energy that poured out also interferes with the stone-sleep device. In turn, Rosie loses her memory in the process of being awakened from sleep; Duna, however, cannot change back from stone, even with the Dinaurians' vast technology. Suddenly, the Digadig Chieftain appears and tells the player that doing the hip-shaking dance will cure the side effect.

Post-game, you can talk to Mr. Richmond and he'll allows you to reenact this battle against the brains, al, of which are at Rank 11. You can also use the time machine to actually return to the final moments of the storyline to redo this battle over-and-over.

Guhnash's Brains

Guhnash's three surprisingly dangerous Brains: Guhvorn, Guhlith, and Guhweep, regulate the flow of the planet-eating monster's energy. They are all of the Legendary Element (which acts as Neutral), and therefore, they have no weaknesses and strengths over all. They all have the same Accuracy stat of 30, and each one has a greatest stat, as well as a worst stat. The best and worst stats of each brain are be shown below:





  • Guhnash sort of resembles a Dunkle mixed with a Dikelo, like a strange extra-terrestrial tadpole.
  • The word "Guhnash" is a pun on the incorrect pronunciation of the word "Gnash ".

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