Guild Area
ギルドエリア Guild Area
Guild Area Map


Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

The Guild Area (Japanese: ギルドエリア Guild Area) is home to the Richmond Building, the Police Station, the Fossil Guild, and McJunker's Junk Depot in Fossil Fighters. This location is a frequent stop for many Fighters in Vivosaur Town since it holds so many key buildings of good use, especially the Fossil Guild, where items can be exchanged or bought for G. The Richmond Building, located on the farmost lefthand side of the Guild Area, is the BB Bandits' hub during their invasion with Frigi. There is a large forested area all throught the southmost end of the Guild Area. This is where the Junk Depot is hidden.

Michelle, Andy, JennaTrent and several Guards of the Richmond Building can be found outside here.

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