Japanese: ハンゾー Hanzo
Debut: Fossil Fighters: Frontier
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Scarlet
Eye Color: Black
Species: Human
Relatives: Sasuke (brother)
Occupation: Warden
Affiliation: Wardens
Signature Vivosaur: Mihu Select Mihu
Hanzo (ハンゾー Hanzo) is a Paleo Pal you encounter in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. He is a Warden who is also a ninja. His in-game description is "A mysterious and resourceful ninja Warden."

To become his Super Paleo Pal, you talk to him in front of Asia HQ after you get Kowloon.

Paleo Pal Information

Paleo Pal Information
Rank 15
FP Recharge 78
FP Max 156
Digging Level 4
Vivosaurs Mihu Select Mihu
Thalasso Select Thalasso (Super)
Bone Buggy Turf Shredder (Orange)
Support Shots Critical Up+
Ailment Cure
Accuracy Up+