Herb is the Area Guide stationed in Rivet Ravine. He resembles Sam Inaro, but has differently coloured clothing and hair and a slightly lighter skin tone. Like all other Area Guides, he provides information regarding Vivosaurs indigenous to the area and the dig site itself.

Herb often speaks to himself. He appears to know very little about the area he is stationed in, often remarking that he is lost and asking himself where exactly he is. He seems to dislike his position as Area Guide.


"(Where'd I put those reference cards?) Ah! For example, there's Alectro! Alectro's a relative of T-Rex. He's strong AND he has poison skills! Neat, huh?" -Herb telling the player about Alectro

"(Think, Herb! Remember your training!) Oh! There are Megalo fossils around here! Did you know that? Megalo has a knack for keeping enemies from using their skills! Handy!" -Herb telling the player about Megalo

"(OK, Herb, just make stuff up, if you have to!) Hey, are you familiar for the vivosaur...Nasaur? Yeah, Nasaur is pretty rare, but super awesome. He can...recover teammates' LP! Yeah, that's it!" -Herb telling the player about Nasaur

"(Hey! I've got vivosaur trading cards! I'll read off these!) Are you familiar with...Stygi or...Elasmoth? They look totally burly in their pictures! I'll bet that they could bust through just about anything!" -Herb telling the player about Stygi and Elasmoth. Note that he is referring to note cards for information, hence 'pictures'

"(Hmm... What's the name of the birdy-lookin' dude?) You know you can dig up...Coatlus fossils here? That guy uses huge wings to blast his enemies. Yeah!" - Herb telling the player about Coatlus