Herbivorous Vivosaurs are Vivosaurs that primarly feed on plants for nutrition. The opposite of a Herbivorous

Nodo is the most defensive herbivorous vivosaur in both games.

Vivosaur would be a Carnivorous Vivosaur. Herbivorous vivosaurs are commonly compatiable with each other. 


  • Argento Medal FFC Argento
  • Apato Medal FFC Apato
  • Brachio Medal FFC Brachio
  • Menchi Medal FFC Menchi
  • Perso Medal FFC Perso
  • Seidon Medal FFC Seidon
  • Seismo Medal FFC Seismo 


  • Amargo Medal FFC Armargo 
  • Anato Medal FFC Anato
  • Ankylo Medal FFC Ankylo
  • Camara Medal FFC Camara
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus
  • Igua Medal FFC Igua
  • Lambeo Medal FFC Lambeo
  • Maia Medal FFC Maia
  • Nigo Medal FFC Nigo
  • Oloro Medal FFC Oloro
  • Pacro Medal FFC Pacro
  • Paraloph Medal FFC Paraloph
  • Shuno Medal FFC Shuno
  • Salto Medal FFC Salto
  • Stego Medal FFC Stego
  • Toba Medal FFC Toba
  • Tsintao Medal FFC Tsintao
  • Tricera Medal FFC Tricera
  • Zino Medal FFC Zino (Shown only in the original)


  • Berta Medal FFC Berta
  • Chasmo Medal FFC Chasmo
  • Einio Medal FFC Einio
  • Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth
  • Jiango Medal FFC Jiango
  • Kentro Medal FFC Kento
  • Megath Medal FFC Megath
  • Mihu Medal FFC Mihu
  • Ourano Medal FFC Carchar
  • Pachrino Medal FFC Pachrino
  • Pachy Medal FFC Pachy
  • Parium Medal FFC Parium
  • Pelto Medal FFC Pelto
  • Penta Medal FFC Penta
  • Saichan Medal FFC Saichan
  • Styraco Medal FFC Styraco


  • Anan Medal FFC Anan
  • Archaeo Medal FFC Archaeo
  • Arsith Medal FFC Arsith
  • Brontoth Medal FFC Brontoth
  • Ceros Medal FFC Ceros
  • Edapho Medal FFC Edapho
  • Gomp Medal FFC Gomp
  • Goyle Medal FFC Goyle
  • Goyo Medal FFC Goyo
  • Hypsi Medal FFC Hypsi
  • Lexo Medal FFC Lexo
  • Mammoth Medal FFC Mammoth
  • Metri Medal FFC Metri
  • Nasaur Medal FFC Nasaur
  • Nippono Medal FFC Nippono
  • Nodo Medal FFC Nodo
  • Peloro Medal FFC Peloro
  • Proto Medal FFC Proto
  • Pendem Medal FFC Pendem
  • Stygi Medal FFC Stygi
  • Synthos Medal FFC Synthos
  • Yango Medal FFC Yango

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