Hero (Dino/Dina)
Japanese: リュウヤ Ryūya, りゅうか Ryūka
Debut: Fossil Fighters: Champions
Gender: Male/Female
Hair Color: Blue/Blonde
Eye Color: Dark brown/Light brown
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Fossil Fighter
Affiliation: Caliosteo Patrol Team
Signature Vivosaur: N/A

The Hero (Dino; リュウヤ Ryūya) or Heroine (Dina; りゅうか Ryūka), of Fossil Fighters: Champions, is the best friend of Todd. They are predominantly silent protagonists, although the NPCs seem to know what they say while they communicate by miming, though sometimes it is noted that they "explain" certain things to other characters, though no definite words are given. Their starter vivosaur is one of the following four: Aeros, Toba, Tsintao, or Dimetro. Tricera is obtained during the cleaning tutorial while the hero obtains their starter vivosaur from Joe Wildwest at the start of the game. All five of these vivosaurs are capable of Super Evolution, so the player has incentive to keep them on their team through the entire game.


As mentioned before, the hero is mute. The personality they exhibit is therefore left up to the player. Outside of the player's control (in cutscenes, for example) they'll do what any respectable hero would do. They actively help out their friends when called upon. They also show a softer side in that they seem to be equally okay with listening to friends talk out their troubles.

Dino and Dina also seem to be afraid of wild Allosaurus attacks and television cameras.