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Japanese: Game: 主人公
Shujinkō (Hero)
Manga: リュウマ
Debut: Fossil Fighters
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Fossil Fighter
Affiliation: Richmond Foundation
Signature Vivosaur: Spinax mini medal Spinax
The Hero, called Hunter (Japanese: リュウマ Ryuuma) in the comic, is the protagonist of Fossil Fighters. His starter Vivosaur is a Spinax. He is often said to be half the size and possess double the talent of a normal Fossil Fighter.


  • At the beginning of the game, Captain Travers will ask you what your favorite Dinosaur is. The Hero's outfit will be based on which Dinosaur you choose, the outfit you chose cannot be changed.
    • If you choose Deinonychus he will have a red shirt, blue pants, blue hair and yellow crown.
    • If you choose T-Rex he will have a red shirt, black pants, red hair, and a black crown.
    • If you choose Tarbosaurus he will have a purple shirt, black pants & hair, and a light blue crown.
    • If you choose Velociraptor he will have a black shirt, grey-black pants, black hair, and a grey crown.
    • If you choose Triceratops he will have a blue shirt, black pants & hair, and a yellow crown.
    • If you choose Maiasaura he will have a white shirt, pink pants & hair, and a light pink crown.
    • If you choose Hypsilophodon he will have a gold shirt, green pants, brown hair, and a red-orange crown.
    • If you choose Lexovisaurus he will have a white shirt, gold pants, light brown hair, and a light blue crown.
  • He is mentioned in Fossil Fighters: Champions after defeating Dynal.


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