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#126: Hopter




Earth Medal Earth






Mezosoic Cretaceous


39 ft. (Large)









Hopter (ハツェゴン Hatsegon) is an Earth Element Vivosaur that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Champions.

Vivosaur Information

Vivosaur # 126

Element: Earth Medal


Fossil Fighters ChampionsLong-Range


Fossil Fighters ChampionsHopter has high LP for a pterodactyl. But with negative team-support effects and disobedience if its LP drops below 50%, it's a handful for any Fighter.


Fossil Fighters ChampionsA winged lizard so huge and heavy, some say it couldn't fly.

Dig Site

Fossil FightersN/A

Fossil Fighters ChampionsRainbow Canyon, Petrified Woods (back of the Dig Site)

Notable Owners


Stats and Skills (Maximum Rank)

 LP 2 460
 Attack 2 77
 Defense 2 20
 Accuracy 2 25
 Evasion 2 13

Skills Skill 2 Attack Power 1 Damage FP 1 Cost Effect
Beak Stab 98 70
Rock Wing 102 100 Scare: 50%Super Scare
Rock Breath 110 180 Confuse: 60%Super Confusion
Power Scale --- 50 Equalize FP
Rock Cannon --- 480 Confuse: 30%Super Confusion (team)
Berserker Becomes disobedient if LP drops below 50%

 Support Effects 2 Own AZ

 S Attack 1 Negative Arrow 1 25%
 S Defense 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%
 S Accuracy 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%
 S Evasion 1 Negative Arrow 1 10%

Super Revival Forms

Silver Head: Everything red turns black

Silver Body: Everything red turns yellow

Silver Arms: Everything red turns light blue

Silver Legs: Everything red turns light purple

Gold Fossil: Same colors


  • Hopter's Dino Medal shows the upperside of the wings being black and having bone designs. In the picture at the top of this page, the upperside of the wings are red with no desgins.
  • Its description called it a pterodactyl, but pterodactyl is the name of a different species of pterosaur.The correct name would be pterosaur. However, pterodactyl is actually a shorter name for Pterodactylus thus showing that there is no animal such as a pterodactyl.
  • Hopter is the only Earth-Type pterosaur.

ThalassoL arrow Hopter R arrow Machai

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