Hot Spring Heights
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Ilium Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Hot Spring Heights (ONSENマウンテン Hot Springs Mountain) is the fifth available Dig Site on Ilium Island in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It is a snowy dig site with hot springs. Vivosaurs of all elemental types can be found here. All starter Vivosaurs given to the player by Joe Wildwest can also be found here.

Main Dig Site

An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare. Wondrous Fossil Rocks found in the cavern yield silver head fossils.

# Image Vivosaur Element
007 Alectro Medal FFC Alectro Water Water Medal
008 Guan Medal FFC Guan* Fire Fire Medal
032 Coelo Medal FFC Coelo Air Air Medal
048 Seismo Medal FFC Seismo Earth Earth Medal
066 Maia Medal FFC Maia Fire Fire Medal
096 Smilo Medal FFC Smilo* Fire Fire Medal
101 Aeros Medal FFC Aeros Air Air Medal
110 Toba Medal FFC Toba Water Water Medal
116 Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus* Fire Fire Medal
117 Tsintao Medal FFC Tsintao Earth Earth Medal
130 Gomp Medal FFC Gomp Water Water Medal
136 Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro Fire Fire Medal
147 Terata Medal FFC Terata* Earth Earth Medal

Pay-to-Dig site

# Image Vivosaur Element
011 Metria Medal FFC Metria Air Air Medal
028 U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
074 Styraco Medal FFC Styraco Air Air Medal
078 Einio Medal FFC Einio Fire Fire Medal
146 Radox Medal FFC Radox Air Air Medal


  • According to some of the entries in the Fossil Museum of the official site, its beta name appears to be Hot Stuff Bluff.

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