Icegrip Plateau

ヒエールプレート Chilling Plate

Icegrip Plateau
The Hero entering the site


Ilium Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Icegrip Plateau (ヒエールプレート Chilling Plate) is the sixth Dig Site visited in Fossil Fighters Champions, located in the northeastern part of  Ilium Island. It is a cold and icy dig-site filled with many Water Vivosaurs. The hero battles The BB Brigade here before being swallowed by the Bonehemoth.


An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
012 Megalo Medal FFC Megalo* Neutral Neutral Medal
019 F-Raptor Medal FFC F-Raptor Earth Earth Medal
063 Igua Medal FFC Igua* Air Air Medal
069 Pachy Medal FFC Pachy Earth Earth Medal
079 Mihu Medal FFC Mihu Neutral Neutral Medal
085 Krona Medal FFC Krona Water Water Medal
086 Futabi Medal FFC Futabi Water Water Medal
097 Mammoth Medal FFC Mammoth Water Water Medal
102 Mapo Medal FFC Mapo* Water Water Medal
113 Seidon Medal FFC Seidon Water Water Medal
122 Berta Medal FFC Berta Water Water Medal
134 Synthos Medal FFC Synthos Earth Earth Medal
135 Titanis Medal FFC Titanis Neutral Neutral Medal


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