Ilium Island
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Caliosteo Islands


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Ilium Island (ホーネン島 Bone Island) or Ilium Village is the third and final island in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It is lead by Kent and is very cold. The Age of Aquarium and Show and Tell sidequests are located there. Most of the Vivosaurs there are water or neutral types. There are no special buildings there, just a Fighter Station and a Fossil Guild. Princess Pooch and Joanie are found there, after the game is completed, in the Fossil Guild. Cole, found post-game, appears on the right of the Fighter Station. Rupert is also found post game close to the entrance of Hot Spring Heights.

Dig Sites on Ilium Island


Map of Illium Village.


Vivosaurs on the island 

  • Alectro Medal FFC Alectro 
  • Maia Medal FFC Maia 
    Ilium Village
  • Seismo Medal FFC Seismo
  • Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro
  • Tsintao Medal FFC Tsintao
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus (rare) 
  • Coelo Medal FFC Coelo 
  • Gomp Medal FFC Gomp 
  • Terata Medal FFC Terata (super rare)
  • Toba Medal FFC Toba 
  • Aeros Medal FFC Aeros 
  • Guan Medal FFC Guan  (super rare)
  • Shuno Medal FFC Shuno (rare)
  • Smilo Medal FFC Smilo (rare) 
  • Einio Medal FFC Einio 
  • Styraco Medal FFC Styraco 
  • U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor 
  • Metria Medal FFC Metria 
  • Mapo Medal FFC Mapo
  • Berta Medal FFC Berta 
  • Krona Medal FFC Krona 
  • Futabi Medal FFC Futabi 
  • Seidon Medal FFC Seidon (in cave) 
  • Mammoth Medal FFC Mammoth 
  • F-Raptor Medal FFC F-Raptor
  • Synthos Medal FFCSynthos 
  • Pachy Medal FFC Pachy 
  • Titanis Medal FFC Titans 
  • Mihu Medal FFC Mihu
  • Megalo Medal FFC Megalo 
  • Igua Medal FFC Igua 
  • Chasmo Medal FFC Chasmo 
  • Dunkle Medal FFC Dunkle 
  • Gaudry Medal FFC Gaudry 
  • Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth 
  • Nychus Medal FFC Nychus 
  • Oloro Medal FFC Oloro 
  • Chelon Medal FFC Chelon 
  • Plesio Medal FFC Plesio 


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