Jake is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions that is found south of the Illium Island Heli-Pad. From where he
Jake 1

Jake's secret viewpoint.

stands, he has a nice view of the mountainous backround. He is part of The Age of Aquarium side quest. Jake has what he believes is a fine view of the scenery of Ilium Island. He proclaims his love for the sights in every one of his quotes.


"Aw, nuts. You found me! But you'll never take me alive, copper! Hee hee! Just kidding. You found my secret viewpoint is all. But let's keep it to ourselfs, all right?"

"When it snows here in Illium Village, it really gets with the program. You can't see a thing! But once it clears up? Hooo-eee! The view is spectacular!"

"When Fighters fly in, they never come this way. They just run off to the station. Poor fools don't know what they're missing..."

"I'm torn between a desire to share this view with others and a wish to keep it as my own. How can one heart hold values so seperate in such equal regard? Hey, that was poetry right there. I should start writing these things down..."

"They finally opened dig sites on all three of the islands. Other places are nice, but for clean air and beauty, you can't beat this island right here."

"I just heard criminals are running amok! I hope they don't threaten my view here."

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