Jenna is an NPC in Fossil Fighters usually located outside the Fossil Guild in the Guild Area. She is a young girl who wears a pink and white dress and informs the hero on the ins-and-outs of Shop transactions. 


"I've never seen you before. Did you just get here? This building is called the Fossil Guild. There's all sorts of useful stuff in there for Fighters. There's a shop, mask salon, and information desk inside. But they're remodeling right now, so it's closed."

"Hey, that's a nice sonar system you got there! If you ever feel like upgrading your sonar or other equipment, they'll do it for you at the shop. The Shop is in the Fossil Guild right next to me here. The problem is the shop's not open yet! I'm waiting to buy something--that's why I'm standing here."

"Long, long ago, the inhabitants of this island used to use big rocks as their money. I like our system better. I can't imagine lugging big rocks around all the time..."

"Hey, did you hear they're opening a pay-to-dig area in Greenhorn Plains? If you have to pay to get in, I wonder if the fossils there aren't available anywhere else...?"

"You saved Rosie? I never realized you were By the way, have you upgraded your sonar? If you haven't, then you definitely should.You can get extra money by selling extra fossil rocks, like, if you have doubles of the same one. But to build up lots of fossil-rock extras, you should upgrade your case first. Which takes money..."

"If you want to be able to clean fossil rocks faster, you should probably upgrade to better tools. They might take a while to get used to, but they'll pay off in the end."

"Hey, did you hear that a pay-to-dig area opened up in Rivet Ravine?! I've HEARD--and this IS just a rumor--that there are some super-rare fossils to be found there. I'm going to upgrade my sonar and head over there myself for some prime digging!"

"Thank you so much for knocking those BB guys down a few pegs! They sure deserved it!"

"Have you upgraded your sonar? Listen, if you want the strongest vivosaurs, you NEED Fossil Chips. It takes money to be successful in this world... I guess, as a Master Fighter, you must be loaded! ...Or at least you WERE loaded..."


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