Jerry and Lee are Rockin' Billy's two loyal henchmen. Both of them make their respective appearances in Fossil Fighters: Champions. They create the mechanical monster found deep within the Jungle Labyrinth. When the player and Pauleen discover this, they battle you to keep you quiet. Pauleen faces Lee, while you take Jerry. Nobody knows what Vivosaurs Lee has.



(before battle)

"Aw man. The darn thing broke."

"Haw haw! You're smarter than you look, girl. Yeah, it's a big old fake. Me and Lee here built it ourselves."

"Yep, ol' Mr. Monster here did his job real well. But now you know our little secret. ...And we can't be having that now, can we?"

(after battle)

"Aw, man. We got beat by a couple of punks."


(before battle) "Well, it's been scaring off Fighters 24/7. I'm surprised it lasted this long. Come on. Let's see if we can fix it."

"Yeah, but it was a really good fake. All the Fighters were too scared to come to this part of the jungle. And that meant we could take all the fossil rocks we wanted! Pretty smart, huh?"

"Let's lock 'em up somewhere until they forget, eh, Jerry?"

(after battle)

"Th-they're too tough!"


Jungle Labyrinth - Riblular Island: This is the only battle you'll ever have with Jerry. He has a team consisting of two Air Vivosaurs: Nycto and Anomalo.

Air Medal Nycto

Air Medal Anomalo
Nycto Battle Anomalo Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 1

LP 2 49

Attack 2 11

Defense 2 3

Accuracy 2 43

Evasion 2 20

Rank 2 Rank 1

LP 2 56

Attack 2 15

Defense 2 9

Accuracy 2 39

Evasion 2 15


  • Jerry and Lee are most likely named for Jerry Lee Lewis, an American singer identified with the rockabilly genre, which Rockin' Billy is named after.

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