Joanie and Pooch

Joanie and Princess Pooch.

Joanie is a Nomadistanian girl featured within Fossil Fighters: Champions, who is the best friend and caretaker of Princess Pooch.You battle her 2 times in the game. In Rainbow Canyon you meet her and she shows you a "bowl" (which is actually Pauleen's mask) You and Todd head down the Gondola and see a "beautiful girl" (Pauleen without her mask, which Todd thinks is cute) and she tells you about an object that protects her (The "bowl" that is really her mask) and you battle Joanie for it. She will use three of Princess Pooch's Vivosaurs. After winning, she hands over the "bowl", and you return it to the girl after you fight Cole for the first time. She puts it on and you recognize her as Pauleen, at which point Todd becomes flustered, and after a short conversation, you leave.

You also see Joanie in Jungle Labyrinth when you rescue Princess Pooch from Pat Bull.


Rainbow Canyon - Cranial Island: You challenge Joanie in order to retrieve a lost object. At first she slips up, telling you to battle Madame Pooch, but afterwards battles you herself. She uses two Fire types and an Earth type Vivosaur.

Fire Medal Peloro

Earth Medal Tryma Fire Medal Machai
Peloro Battle Tryma Battle Machai Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 3

LP 2 92

Attack 2 27

Defense 2 9

Accuracy 2 17

Evasion 2 19

Rank 2 Rank 3

LP 2 63

Attack 2 20

Defense 2 7

Accuracy 2 46

Evasion 2 23

Rank 2 Rank 3

LP 2 71

Attack 2 24

Defense 2 8

Accuracy 2 38

Evasion 2 20

The other time you battle her is in the Cranial Battle Royale. She uses Anato, Ankylo, and Nodo, all with silver fossils and all at MAX Rank.

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