Jungle Labyrinth
Jungle Labyrinth
The Hero entering the site


Ribular Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Jungle Labyrinth (ジャングルラビリンス Jungle Labyrinth) is a Dig Site in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It is the second Dig Site to be unlocked in the storyline and, like the first, is rich with Air type Vivosaurs. It is unlocked by advancing past the first round of the Caliosteo Cup.


The area is a natural maze formed by a wealth of plant life.The entrance is located past the southwest exit of Ribular Town.

Pauleen and Professor Nigel Scatterly, curator of the Caliosteo Museum, are both first met here. The Stone Pyramid can also be accessed at the back of this Dig Site. 


Main Site

# Image Vivosaur Element
051 Stego Medal FFC Stego Air Air Medal
081 Coatlus Medal FFC Coatlus Air Air Medal
105 Krypto Medal FFC Krypto Neutral Neutral Medal
111 Nigo Medal FFC Nigo Earth Earth Medal
123 Nycto Medal FFC Nycto Air Air Medal
143 Parapu Medal FFC Parapu Water Water Medal
149 Anomalo Medal FFC Anomalo Air Air Medal

(Note: The Main Dig Site of the Jungle Labyrinth will yield Silver Bodies when Wondrous Fossil Rocks are excavated.)

Stone Pyramid

# Image Vivosaur Element
024 Delta Medal FFC Delta Water Water Medal
030 Breme Medal FFC Breme Fire Fire Medal
033 Dilopho Medal FFC Dilopho Water Water Medal
107 Epidex Medal FFC Epidex Air Air Medal


Jungle Labyrinth-0

Jungle Labyrinth's battlefield.

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