Ilium Village



Eye Color


Hair Color




Specializes in

Water Element Vivosaurs

Signature Vivosaur


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Kent (ケント Kento) is the Staff Leader for Ilium Village in Fossil Fighters: Champions. He is the one you have to find when Todd gets stuck in a pool of jelly in Hot Spring Heights. The Hero can battle him in the Bonechip Island Battle Royale after the Main Storyline has been completed.

He owns a Galgaron, a Marple, and a Berta and uses them when the Hero battles him.


Arena - Bonechip Island: Kent is the third-round opponent in The Champions Tournament. Surprised that the Hero has not been defeated yet, he promises to end their winning streak.

Water Medal Galgaron

Water Medal Marple Water Medal Berta
Galgaron Battle Marple Battle Berta Battle

Golden Fossil

Golden Fossil

Golden Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1 540

Attack 2 Positive Arrow 170

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 153

Accuracy 2 Positive Arrow 144

Evasion 2 Positive Arrow 110

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1 150

Attack 2 Positive Arrow 154

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 111

Accuracy 2  Positive Arrow 157

Evasion 2 Positive Arrow 115

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1 520

Attack 2 Positive Arrow 174

Defense 2  Positive Arrow 139

Accuracy 2 Positive Arrow 147

Evasion 2 Positive Arrow 125


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