Knotwood Forest

オソロシの森 Forest of horrors

Knotwood Forest
The entrance to Knotwood Forest


Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Knotwood Forest (Japanese: オソロシの森 Forest of horrors) is a forest-themed Dig Site and home to the Digadig Tribe and their Digadigamid. Only Level 2 and up Fighters are allowed access to this dig site. This is also the place where you will first encounter the B.B. Bandit Trio. This is home to mostly Earth and Fire Fossil types. Breaking stumps gives the player 60 G, and the bones in the Digadigamid give 80 G. It is located on the mandible of Vivosaur Island. After the completion of Chapter 2, an Attendant becomes the Area Guide for this site.

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Chapter 2

First, journey into the Digadig camp, where the Digadig Chieftain asks you to apprehend the thieves that have pillaged the Digadigamid (cursing Rosie in the process). In the temple, you meet Snivels and Rex, who, after being defeated, open a pothole which sends you down to Nevada Montecarlo. After escaping the chamber, run to the last room in the temple, where the Bandits lock you in. Dig between two indestructible bones to reach the front of the temple. Battle Vivian, and escape.

Chapter 4

Later in the game, the player has to return to Knotwood Forest with Rosie in the process to obtain Captain Woolbeard's Beard Ribbon. Nick Nack requires a Fossil Bug shell as the first item he wants in exchange for the ribbon and suggests that they go to the Digadig Village for help with getting one. Right before they can get there, though, Rex attacks them, requiring the player to beat him in battle. After the battle, the two go into the village (where Rosie learns, much to her dismay, that the Digadig spell still affects her there) and speak with the Chieftain. The Chieftain then has them perform the hip-shaker dance to get a Fossil Bug to molt, allowing the shell to be obtained.

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Main Site

# Image Vivosaur Element
013 Venator mini medal Venator Earth Earth Medal
014 S-Raptor mini medal S-Raptor Fire Fire Medal
026 Nychus mini medal Nychus Fire Fire Medal


# Image Vivosaur Element
055 Lexo mini medal Lexo Earth Earth Medal
069 Pachy mini medal Pachy Earth Earth Medal