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Hair Color

Electric green



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Signature Vivosaur

B-Tricera Battle B-Tricera


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Lester (ボーン Bone) is a member of the BB Brigade in Fossil Fighters: Champions.


Lester first appears in the BB Brigade Base, in a cutscene after Cole's failure, talking about a plan to prevent the Fighters from being in the Cup at Hot Spring Heights. Later, Todd and several other fighters get in the hot spring, but the water turns sticky and purple. As it turns out, Lester turned the water into jelly (grape, to be specific). He did this at Mt. Krakanak, where the water for the hotspring came from. When the Hero arrives in the crater, he or she faces Lester in a battle. He uses a Rank 4 B-Tricera, B-Brachio, and B-Rex. After defeating him, Rupert sends DI66-R to destroy his machine, and the hot spring returns to normal, freeing the other fighters. His plan was called "Operation Turn The Water to Jelly".

He is in the next scene in the BB Brigade Base before Lola comes in with her plan, along with Cole. He was talking about "Operation Turn The Water to Chocolate Pudding", followed by "Operation Laugh Maniacally". He is chosen to come with Lola for her scheme, along with Cole.

He is next seen at Icegrip Plateau, along with Cole and Lola. They have a clash against the Hero, Pauleen, and Rupert. However, before it could end, they all end up getting swallowed by the Bonehemoth. Inside, he is complaining about being hungry, wishing he had some jelly mix with him. After everyone escapes, the BB Brigade gives back the Super Electromonites, and they leave.

The next time you meet is when you infiltrate the BB Brigade Base. He challenges you to a battle before you reach Don Boneyard's room. He uses two Rank 6 B-Brachios and a Rank 7 B-Tricera. After the battle, he claims that if you take on Don Boneyard, he'll be at your funeral, and leaves.

The last time in the story you meet him is when Zongazonga's castle rises, and the Fossil Cannon needs adjustments. Lester, along with Cole and Lola, help because Don Boneyard is actually Joe Wildwest, meaning that the BB Brigade are actually good guys. They explain that they'd do anything for Joe Wildwest. The trio was 'a vain hipster, a creepy rocker, and a ditzy hippie', and they needed help, so they were recruited by Joe, under the disguise of Don Boneyard. They still remain loyal.

After Story Completion

He can be found in the Cranial Isle Fossil Guild. He battles you with a Rank 20 B-Rex, B-Tricera, and B-Brachio. After the battle, you unlock B-Tricera and B-Ptera. Oddly, he doesn't own a B-Ptera.



  • Lester claims to have won a chili dog eating contest before an post-story match. He seems to win unlimited times in a matter of seconds after the match.