Andrarch, one of the first Vivosaurs to possess the Link ability.

Link is an ability that chains Vivosaurs' attacks together. When a Vivosaur in the AZ performs a specific skill upon an enemy Vivosaur, its ally in the SZ that is armed with this ability will perform its weakest skill free of deduction from the FP pool.

This ability activates only if the Vivosaur with Link is in one of the SZ positions.

Vivosaurs with this ability

Fossil Fighters

# Image Vivosaur Element
094 Andrarch mini medal Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
095 Paki mini medal Paki Water Water Medal
098 Tryma FF Tryma Earth Earth Medal

Fossil Fighters: Champions

# Image Vivosaur Element
094 Andrarch Medal FFC Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
095 Paki Medal FFC Paki Water Water Medal
098 Tryma Medal FFC Tryma Earth Earth Medal
107 Epidex Medal FFC Epidex Air Air Medal
108 Lagia Medal FFC Lagia Fire Fire Medal
111 Nigo Medal FFC Nigo Earth Earth Medal
117 Tsintao Medal FFC Tsintao Earth Earth Medal
119 Oloro Medal FFC Oloro Water Water Medal
120 Nippono Medal FFC Nippono Neutral Neutral Medal
134 Synthos Medal FFC Synthos Earth Earth Medal
127 Machai Medal FFC Machai Fire Fire Medal
132 Parium Medal FFC Parium Air Air Medal
150 Tonzilla Medal FFC Tonzilla Earth Earth Medal


  • As Link activates, a red exclamation point appears over the head of the Vivosaur about to attack. This is the same exclamation point that appears over the head of the player when he/she digs up a fossil rock or experiences something important in the storyline.

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