A list of NPCs featured in Fossil Fighters: Champions.


Amy is a female NPC that can sometimes be found in the cave in Hot Spring Heights.


"Oh, wow! I can't believe I'm talking to the champ! Give me some digging tips will you?"


Arnold is a male NPC that is found on Cranial Isle. He is a muscular man who likes to sweat.


"Man, it's hot in here! I'm sweating like a hog in chicken coup. Of course, that's a good thing. We men wear sweat like a badge of honor!"'"Rainbow Canyon, huh? Yeah, it doesn't sound as hot as Mt. Krakanak. I think I'll stick to the volcano. I get better sweat that way."

"I just went to Ilium Village, and it was COLD! ...Plus there was white stuff all over the ground. Pah! A man is nothing unless he has sweat rolling down his brow! Viva Cranial Isle!"

"They opened Mt. Krakanak's crater to Fighters! Time to sweat it up!"

"Dusty Dunes... A sand-whipped plain of furnace-like winds and upstoppable sun... Mt. Krakanak is hot, but Dusty Dunes is REALLY hot! I almost fainted there."

"The Jungle Labyrinth is hot, but it's not like here. It's kinda...sticky. Still, it's a hot spot, which means I need to go check it out!"

"So, wait. Joe Wildwest pretended to be a bad guy so he could stop the actual bad guy? Now THAT'S a real man! I need to sweat more if I want to be like him."

"You're the champion! And I bet you did it by the sweat of your brow, huh? Of course you did!"You're


  • Arnold may be a reference to real-world bodybuilder, actor, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Ash is an NPC who briefly appears in Ribular Town near the Fighter Station after Joe Wildwest announces that the winner of the Caliosteo Cup will win the Fossil Park. He has black hair and wears a tan shirt, brown pants, and black shoes.


"If I win, I get to own the fossil park!"


Augusta is a female NPC who can sometimes be found at the bottom of the Rainbow Canyon.


"Goodness! I just saw someone warp back to town by using one of those VMM dealies! I remember when I used to walk six days and seven nights just to cross a single mountain."

BB Brigade Goons

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Becky is an NPC who appears in Ribular Town after Joe Wildwest announces the prize of the Caliosteo Cup. She has pink hair and wears a blue shirt and a black skirt.


"I heard it was a good prize, but I was expecting cash or a nice hat or something. This is crazy!"


Brent is a male NPC that can sometimes be found on the bridge in Rainbow Canyon.


"I tried to challenge people to a one-handed knife fight over a pit of scorpions, but they laughed at me. ...Maybe I'm not as tough as I think I am. Maybe I'm just a jerk."


Bruce is a male character that is located in the upper-left staff room of the Ribular Island Fighter Station.


"No sir, I dont like this. Don't like it one bit. What if that staff fella went and lost 'im a battle 'gainst some evil sorcerer? What then, huh?" "Well, darn it all! That staff fella was pacin' in the hall this whole time! I shoulda stuck my head out and had me a look. Yessir, that woulda been the smart thing to do...'Course, now I been here so long, I'm kinda attached to this room."


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Byron is a male NPC located in the Ribular Island Fighter Station Lounge.


"My friend! I'm fine! Not hurt one bit! I dug and dug and never quit! And when I came back from my day, I made for this lounge straightaway. It's quiet here. And warm. And nice. And I've not fallen down but thrice. I'm feeling like a man most clever! ...I think I may stay here forever."

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