リブ Rib



Eye Color:

Bottle green

Hair Color:




Specializes in:


Signature Vivosaur:

B-Jara Battle B-Jara


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Lola (リブ Rib) is a member of the BB Brigade in Fossil Fighters: Champions.


Lola is first seen in a cutscene after the Hero first defeats Lester. Cole and Lester were arguing about their next plan. Cole had an idea about distracting all the male fighters with 300 phones, a ton of video games, and a giant flat-screen TV. Lester's plan was "Operation Turn All The Water Into Chocolate Pudding", followed by "Operation Laugh Maniacally". She wants Cole and Lester to help her in her scheme. Later, you get a call from Joe Wildwest. The Super Electrominites that give the island power have been stolen (by the BB Brigade Commanders). Without them, VMMs, KL-33N, the doors, revival and cleaning machines would all fail to work ensuring that the cup would be shut down.

You first meet Lola at Icegrip Plateau, but she is not alone. Cole and Lester appear suddenly, and you and Pauleen have to fight all three of them. However, Rupert shows up and it's Three- on-Three. You battle Lola. She uses a Rank 4 B-Brachio, B-Lambeo, and B-Jara. However, in the middle of the clash, the Bonehemoth swallows all of you. Inside, she complains that it is 'so not groovy'. When you all escape, the BB Brigade surrenders the Super Electrominites, and they leave.

The next time you meet is when you infiltrate the BB Brigade Base. She appears when you get just up the ramp, and challenges you to a match. She calls it payback for what happened to her at Icegrip Plateau. She uses a Rank 6 B-Brachio and B-Rex, as well as a Rank 7 B-Jara. After the battle she 'splits like Cole's pants' and leaves.

The last time in the story you meet her is when Zongazonga's castle rises, and the Fossil Cannon needs adjustments. Lola, along with Cole and Lester, help because Don Boneyard reveals his true identity as Joe Wildwest, meaning that the BB Brigade are actually protagonists instead of antagonists. They explain that they'd do anything for Joe Wildwest. The trio was 'a vain hipster, a creepy rocker, and a ditzy hippie', and they needed help, so they were recruited by Joe, under the disguise of Don Boneyard. They still remain loyal to him.

After Story Completion

Lola is located in Ribular Town near the palm tree on the right side. Lola's team consists of a Rank 20 B-Jara, B-Brachio, and B-Lambeo. After the battle, you unlock B-Jara, B-Rex, and B-Brachio.


  • Lola is actually a hippie, which was revealed in the part where the hero(ine) was about to travel to Zongazonga 's lair using the fossil cannon. She tends to use "like" too often and stretches out her words. She also says 'groovy' a lot.
  • One of the fossil battle commentators, Trip Cera, has a crush on her, implying that she's pretty and he wants to marry her. This may be a reference to the last game as in the last game Slate Johnson had a crush on Vivian.
  • She tends to chew bubblegum and sometimes blows bubbles.
  • In the Manga, she is shown to own a Hopter.


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