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There are many masks you can obtain in Fossil Fighters. Your character can put on a mask when you talk to the Mask Lady at the Fossil Guild. Some masks are required for certain events.

Fossil Fighters Masks

  • Dropping Mask Dropping Mask: Obtained after giving Nick Nack 30 dropping fossils
  • Hip-shaker Mask Hip-Shaker Mask: Complete the hip shaking trials with the Chieftain Mask on.
  • Stone Mask Stone Mask: Find O'Mel a second time in the Mole's secret tunnel.
  • Gold MaskGold Mask: Find it in a treasure chest in Woolbeard's Pirate Ship at Bottomsup Bay.
  • Samurai Mask Samurai Mask: Defeat the samurai once.
  • Completist Mask Completist Mask: Obtained after reviving all 100 vivosaurs.
  • Green Hero Mask Green Hero Mask: Obtained from Fossil Guild Shopkeeper when in stock.
  • Purple Hero Mask Purple Hero Mask: Obtained from Chip in Fossil Stadium after defeating him while wearing the Green Hero Mask.
  • Master Mask Master Mask: Obtained after becoming a Master Fighter.
  • Saur Mask Saur Mask: Fight Saurhead 5 times to get one for you and Dr. Diggins to get on the ship.
  • Diving Mask Diving Mask: Obtained on the first visit to Bottomsup Bay.
  • Oonga Oonga Mask Oonga Oonga Mask: Obtained after feeding the Oonga Oonga snowberries and then talking to Mr. Richmond.
  • Officer Mask Officer Mask: Find Blambeau 3 times (at Greenhorn Plains, then Rivet Ravine, finally, Mt. Lavaflow).
  • Mole Mask Mole Mask: Find O'Mel once in the Mole's Secret Tunnel (clue: at Rivet Ravine, 4th tunnel).
  • Digadig Mask Digadig Mask: Complete the hip shaking trials.
  • Chieftain Mask Chieftain Mask: Complete the hip shaking trials with the Digadig Mask on.
  • BB Boy Mask BB Boy Mask: Defeat Bullwort after the "Igno vs. Frigi" battle, then buy it from the shopkeeper.
  • BB Girl Mask BB Girl Mask: Do the same for getting BB Boy mask.
  • Dinaurian Mask Dinaurian Mask: Complete the main story then buy it from the shopkeeper.

Masks in Fossil Fighters: Champions:

  • Red Mask Red Mask: Awarded for winning the 5th round in the Caliosteo Cup.
  • Blue Mask Blue Mask: Bought for 100 Donation Points.
  • Green Mask Green Mask: Bought for 100 Donation Points.
  • Yellow Mask Yellow Mask: Bought for 100 Donation Points.
  • Pink Mask Pink Mask: Bought for 100 Donation Points.
  • Hare Mask Hare Mask: Bought from the Fossil Guild for 1,000 coins.
  • Fossil Lady Mask Fossil Lady Mask: Bought for 1,000 Gold at the Fossil Guild.
  • Caliosteo Mask Caliosteo Mask: Bought from the Fossil Guild for 1,000 coins (Only available after completing the storyline).
  • Ty Ranno Mask Ty Ranno Mask: Available after putting it on at the Stone Pyramid.
  • Dropping Mask 2 Dropping Mask: Rewarded after completing the 'Waste Not, Want Not' side quest.
  • Completionist Mask Completionist Mask: Awarded after reviving All 149 Vivosaurs.
  • BB Brigade Mask BB Brigade Mask: A prize from the "Concentrate!" Side Mission.
  • Boneyard Mask Boneyard Mask: A prize from the 'Concentrate!' side mission.
  • Head Mask. Head Mask: Awarded for winning the Champions Cup (After the Ribular, Cranial, and Illium cups).
  • Body Mask Body Mask: Awarded for winning the Illium Island Battle Royale.
  • Arms Mask Arms Mask: Awarded for winning the Cranial Isle Battle Royale.
  • Legs Mask Legs Mask: Awarded for winning the Ribular Island Battle Royale.
  • Ryne Mask Ryne Mask: Awarded after  showing Ryne a Menchi.

Special Abilities

Wearing some masks activiate their abilities. Here is a list of them:

  • Red Mask: You only find Fire-type Fossils.
  • Blue Mask:You only find Water-type Fossils.
  • Green Mask: You only find Air-type Fossils.
  • Yellow Mask: You only find Earth-type Fossils.
  • Pink Mask: You only find Neutral-type Fossils.
  • Dropping Mask: Your chance of finding Dropping Fossils increases.
  • Head Mask:You only find Head Fossils.
  • Body Mask: You only find Body Fossils.
  • Arms Mask: You only find Arms Fossils.
  • Legs Mask: You only find Legs Fossils.
  • Ryne Mask: Your chance of finding Rare Fossils increases.

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