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Michelle is an NPC who appears in Fossil Fighters in the Guild Area on the path to the Junk Depot. She is a little girl who appears to have a crush on on McJunker. She has blonde hair, and wears a blue and white dress.


"You want to know what I'm doing here? That's a secret. I can't talk to anyone about it. But I hate secrets that I'm not in on! What is the DEAL with that building?!"

"There's a weird building up ahead, but I don't see anyone around... Have you noticed that all the buildings on this island are shaped kinda weirdly? Hmmm... This is a vacation island, so maybe they're supposed to be shaped like, vacation?"

"I'm dying to know who lives in that wierd building and what in the world they're DOING in there? I can't help it--I just HAVE to know! I would cut off my lucky toenail to find out!"

"What kind of people live in that weird building over there? I haven't slept in days, I've been so curious! Wanna spy on it with me? I tell ya, something's going on in there--somethings big and important! The more the merrier, I say. Plus, I wouldn't want to get caught spying alone..."

"That weird old guy disappeared again. He just went running off with an armload of tools! That's OK, though--I found another weird guy. He lives in the hotel and collects bizarre trinkets. Come to think of it, there are a lot of weird people on Vivosaur Island..."

"I have to admit...I get a little lonely when the weird man's not around. I wonder if he decided not to come back because he found out I was spying on him... Or MAYBE he doesn't know, and he WILL come back when he finds out!"

"Hey, hey. Listen to this! The weird old guy is back! He's a weird guy, and he makes weird stuff... That's a lot of weird in one place. I'm  really curious. Is that weird that I'm curious? ...Do I say "weird" too much?"

"What's happening to me? Why do I care so much about what the weird guy does and where he goes...? Wait... This isn', is it? Or am I just crazy?!"

"You know, I don't think I was ever in love with that weird man. It was all in my head. To be honest, if I have feelings for anyone, it would have to be whoever it was that just saved the world! I keep thinking about him--what he eats, what kind of shampoo he uses, what his name is--everything!"

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