Mid-Range is a type of Range in Fossil Fighters: Champions. This is the most common range for a Vivosaur. These Vivosaurs are best attacking two spaces away from the oppponent. If the Mid-Range Vivosaur is in the main AZ and attacks another main AZ Vivosaur, it will be ineffective. A variety of vivosaurs are Mid-Range, including, but not limited to: Ceratopsians, Stegosaurs, Anyklosaurs, and highly support-oriented Vivosaurs. 

 List of Mid-Range Vivosaurs

Fossil Fighters: Champions

# Image Vivosaur Element
022 Compso Medal FFC Compso Earth Earth Medal
023 Sopteryx Medal FFC Sopteryx Fire Fire Medal
027 M-Raptor Medal FFC M-Raptor Air Air Medal
031 Aopteryx Medal FFC Aopteryx Neutral Neutral Medal
032 Coelo Medal FFC Coelo Air Air Medal
040 Orno Medal FFC Orno Neutral Neutral Medal
041 Cheirus Medal FFC Cheirus Air Air Medal
042 O-Raptor Medal FFC O-Raptor Neutral Neutral Medal
051 Stego Medal FFC Stego Air Air Medal
052 Yango Medal FFC Yango Fire Fire Medal
053 Jiango Medal FFC Jiango Water Water Medal
054 Kentro Medal FFC Kentro Air Air Medal
055 Lexo Medal FFC Lexo Earth Earth Medal
056 Nodo Medal FFC Nodo Air Air Medal
057 Ankylo Medal FFC Ankylo Water Water Medal
058 Saichan Medal FFC Saichan Fire Fire Medal
059 Goyle Medal FFC Goyle Air Air Medal
060 Pelto Medal FFC Pelto Earth Earth Medal
061 Hypsi Medal FFC Hypsi Air Air Medal
062 Nasaur Medal FFC Nasaur Water Water Medal
066 Maia Medal FFC Maia Fire Fire Medal
067 Anato Medal FFC Anato Earth Earth Medal
069 Pachy Medal FFC Pachy Earth Earth Medal
070 Stygi Medal FFC Stygi Fire Fire Medal
071 Goyo Medal FFC Goyo Air Air Medal
073 Tricera Medal FFC Tricera Water Water Medal
074 Styraco Medal FFC Styraco Air Air Medal
075 Centro Medal FFC Centro Earth Earth Medal
076 Penta Medal FFC Penta Neutral Neutral Medal
077 Pachrino Medal FFC Pachrino Earth Earth Medal
078 Einio Medal FFC Einio Fire Fire Medal
079 Mihu Medal FFC Mihu Neutral Neutral Medal
086 Futabi Medal FFC Futabi Water Water Medal
087 Elasmo Medal FFC Elasmo Water Water Medal
088 Plesio Medal FFC Plesio Water Water Medal
089 Shoni Medal FFC Shoni Water Water Medal
090 Arsith Medal FFC Arsith Earth Earth Medal
091 Brontoth Medal FFC Brontoth Water Water Medal
092 Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth Air Air Medal
093 Hoplo Medal FFC Hoplo Air Air Medal
094 Andrarch Medal FFC Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
095 Paki Medal FFC Paki Water Water Medal
096 Smilo Medal FFC Smilo Fire Fire Medal
097 Mammoth Medal FFC Mammoth Water Water Medal
098 Tryma Medal FFC Tryma Earth Earth Medal
099 Megath Medal FFC Megath Air Air Medal
100 Chelon Medal FFC Chelon Water Water Medal
107 Epidex Medal FFC Epidex Air Air Medal
108 Lagia Medal FFC Lagia Fire Fire Medal
109 E-Raptor Medal FFC E-Raptor Neutral Neutral Medal
107 Pacro Medal FFC Pacro Air Air Medal
122 Berta Medal FFC Berta Water Water Medal
121 Chasmo Medal FFC Chasmo Air Air Medal
127 Machai Medal FFC Machai Fire Fire Medal
128 Peloro Medal FFC Peloro Fire Fire Medal
129 Metri Medal FFC Metri Earth Earth Medal
130 Gomp Medal FFC Gomp Water Water Medal
131 Anan Medal FFC Anan Earth Earth Medal
132 Parium Medal FFC Parium Air Air Medal
133 Ceros Medal FFC Ceros Air Air Medal
134 Synthos Medal FFC Synthos Earth Earth Medal
135 Titanis Medal FFC Titanis Neutral Neutral Medal
136 Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro Fire Fire Medal
137 Edapho Medal FFC Edapho Air Air Medal
139 Pendem Medal FFC Pendem Earth Earth Medal
141 Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth Fire Fire Medal
142 Dunkle Medal FFC Dunkle Earth Earth Medal
144 Desmo Medal FFC Desmo Fire Fire Medal
145 Gaudry Medal FFC Gaudry Neutral Neutral Medal
146 Radox Medal FFC Radox Air Air Medal
147 Terata Medal FFC Terata Earth Earth Medal
148 Dikelo Medal FFC Dikelo Fire Fire Medal
155 B-Plesio Medal FFC B-Plesio Water Water Medal
156 B-Tricera Medal FFC B-Tricera Water Water Medal
159 Z-Tricera Medal FFC Z-Tricera Legendary Legend Medal
161 Z-Elasmo Medal FFC Z-Elasmo Legendary Legend Medal
165 Squik Medal FFC Squik Neutral Neutral Medal
166 Squirk Medal FFC Squirk Fire Fire Medal
167 Squirth Medal FFC Squirth Earth Earth Medal
168 Squilk Medal FFC Squilk Water Water Medal
169 Squiro Medal FFC Squiro Air Air Medal