Mighty Stomp is a technique used only by three of the original 100 Vivosaurs. When in use, the Vivosaur stomps the ground with all its might, and the enemy team randomly swaps zones (at times, an enemy teammate finds itself in the Escape Zone). This also removes any Support and Status Effects the opposing team had. There is another version of this technique that is used by two of Guhnash's three brains, Guhlith and Guhweep; that version is called Whirling Displacement.

Unlike the first game, using Mighty Stomp in Fossil Fighters: Champions will deal damage. Mighty Stomp and other Knock to EZ skills were consolidated into the newer Rotation effect. .

Mighty Stomp and Whirling Displacement Users

# Image Vivosaur Element
015 Giganto mini medal Giganto Fire Fire Medal
044 Brachio mini medal Brachio Neutral Neutral Medal
049 Apato mini medal Apato Neutral Neutral Medal
159 Guhlith mini medal Guhlith Legendary Legend Medal
112 Guhweep mini medal Guhweep Legendary Legend Medal

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