Mt. Lavaflow

マグマグ火山 Magmag Volcano

Mt Lavaflow
The entrance to Mt. Lavaflow


Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Mt. Lavaflow (Japanese: マグマグ火山 Magmag Volcano) is one of several Dig Sites featured in Fossil Fighters. This dig site is covered entirely with molten hot lava. It is only available to Level 5 or higher Fighters. This particular location plays a small role in Chapter 5, but an important one in Chapter 6. Mt. Lavaflow is home to a small network of various caves.


An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

A dagger (†) indicates a Vivosaur that can be found only once.

# Image Vivosaur Element
001 T-Rex Medal T-Rex* Fire Fire Medal
008 Guan mini medal Guan* Fire Fire Medal
025 Tro mini medal Tro Neutral Neutral Medal
046 Shuno mini medal Shuno Fire Fire Medal
050 Amargo mini medal Amargo Fire Fire Medal
052 Yango mini medal Yango Fire Fire Medal
058 Saichan mini medal Saichan Fire Fire Medal
075 Eino mini medal Einio Fire Fire Medal
077 Penta mini medal Penta Neutral Neutral Medal
082 Jara mini medal Jara Neutral Neutral Medal
106 Igno mini medal IgnoLegendary Legend Medal

Jewel Rocks Found


After no signifigance in Chapter 5 -- because of the massive boulder blocking the way, Mt. Lavaflow comes back with a bang in Chapter 6. With Duna's aid, the Hero manages to find the final tacky idol. However, Duna demands for the hero to hand it over to her, and then is battled in her Dinaurian form. The Hero must then free her from a rock that topples onto her. Back home, the hero discovers that the BB Boss, who was previously apprehended, has taken over Vivosaur Town. The Hero makes his way quickly towards the Richmond Building. Though the Hero does his best to try to stop him, the BB Boss possesses the legendary Vivosaur, Frigi, which is invulnerable to conventional attack skills and even support effects. The Hero must talk to the Digadig Chieftain, who explains that Igno is Frigi's only counter. When the Hero takes Rex with him to Mt. Lavaflow, he can use the lava shut-off valve in one of the caves to cease the lava flow and obtain the Igno fossil. Bullwort then appears and makes the fossil impenetrable using his weapon. Duna, back at the Fossil Center, repays you for saving her by blasting the rock, thereby making it cleanable. Receiving a 100% Smashing Success allows the Hero to revive Igno and battle the BB Boss with it. Both legendary Vivosaurs disappear until postgame after the battle.