Mystery Vivosaurs

Mystery Vivosaurs are rare Vivosaurs and are said to have been blessed with special powers. There is an unknown number of them in Fossil Fighters: Champions. 7 have been revealed so far. All Mystery Vivosaurs are obtained through bonus data. In order to obtain these mystery Vivosaurs you must first go to Multiplayer, then select Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, and finally choose bonus data. You must first unlock the Fossil Cannon in order to obtain bonus data Vivosaurs.

Dragon Note

When you get the Dragon Note bonus data the note will tell you to travel to the Petrified Forest dig-site. Duna will be there atop the petrified tree at the end of the site. You will then have to battle her and two Dinomatons for testing a new device. When you beat her she will tell you where to find Raptin, to help further improve the battle device. Raptin is in the cave system in the Hot Springs Heights dig-site. Once you defeat Raptin you have to go challenge Dynal to a fight to finish testing the device. Dynal is waiting for you in the Stone Pyrimid inside the Jungle Labyrinth dig-site. After you defeat him he gives you experimental Dinomaton, Duna, Raptin, and Dynal medals.

Bone Message

When you get the Bone message it will tell you that Ryne has arrived for a special visit and to go to Treasure Lake. When you get there, go into Bonehead Hollow. You will find the enigmatic visitor inside the giant skull. Ryne will ask you to show him a Menchi. Once you have done that, he will give you a Ryne Mask. Go to the Fossil Guild, equip the mask, and go back to Treasure Lake in the same place as before. He will be there again and challenge you to a battle, but not at Treasure Lake, but at the BBB Base. Once you go there, battle him and you will recieve three icons( Favre, Ryne, and Saladasaur) , and Salada. The Favre icon may be a hint to an upcoming event according to fan theory.

List of Mystery Vivosaurs

Known mystery vivosaurs and their elements:

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