Nancy is the Area Guide to Bottomsup Bay in Fossil Fighters. Her appearance is that of a regular female fighter with a Pink Diving Mask. Like all Area Guides, she provides valuable insight regarding the indigenous Vivosaurs.


- "Let's see… There's Shoni, but you should know that it lowers its teammates' abilities.” "Nobody really knows why... That's just the way things shook down, I guess." - Nancy talking about Shoni

-  "Let's see... There's Onyx. It only reaches its true potential when you collect all of its pieces..." "Nobody really knows why... Well, maybe the sea knows...” - Nancy talking about Onyx

- "Let's see... There's Jiango. That one gets a LOT of critical hits..." "Nobody really knows why... That's just how it's always been...” - Nancy talking about Jiango

- "Let's see... There's Krona, the most powerful Water-type vivosaur. It can attack from the SZ, no problem." "Why is Krona the T-Rex of the sea? Nobody really knows... But plenty would like to know!" - Nancy talking about Krona

 "Let's see... There's Futabi, Elasmo, and Plesio. They can all be found here." "They can all also attack from the SZ without sacrificing power. Nobody really knows why... nobody knows." - Nancy talking about Futabi, Elasmo, and Plesio

- "Let's see... There's M-Raptor, who's strangely NOT a Water-Type--he's a WIND type." "Why wind in the water? All I know is that...nobody really knows, you know?" - Nancy talking about M-Raptor